Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Door Decor

I just love this time of year. So much expectancy and the crispness in the air makes me want to freshen things up_ clean_ organize_ bake_ craft_ go apple pickin’… I just love all of it!
This week I finally got my Fall wreath hung and my door decorated. I’m still needing some pretty colored mums and a few smaller pumpkins for the space. But it kinda wasn’t in the budget for this week. So maybe later....

Thank you to all of you who asked about my decorations. You guys’ are toooo kind.

My wreath started out at the Blue Ridge Craft weekend. But I wasn’t feeling a total vision for it overall. So what I did do was wrap the whole thing there in a blue fabric. Hot gluing as I went.

Then after I got home I picked out the colors I knew I wanted to go with. In fabric and in yarn. I used 3 yarn colors. A white. A coral color. And a thicker gold/mustardy color. I wanted it to have texture and by adding in the heavier yarn and varying fabrics I feel that’s the look I got.

You can’t really mess this up. So don’t be afraid of that. I say just get started.  I started with one piece of fabric about 2 inches wide. Wrapping it_ hot gluing to the back_ and moving on to the next piece. Just continuing around adding on your fabric and then covering some of the meeting places of fabric with the yarn by wrapping a section. However, big you choose to wrap the yarn section is again up to you. Mine were varied in size.

After the wreath was all covered I got started on the felt flowers. If you’re not sure how to make these just google it and you’ll find there are a ton of tutorials.

Lastly, I wrapped a piece of burlap around the top and then tied a bow with a black & white polka dot ribbon.

Day view....

Night time view....

Other items I used included:
Vine lights: 3 strands from Target. Got mine like 2 years ago.
Made a little pendant with paper and ribbon.
Found the glitter ghost garland at Target in the $1 bin

That about sums everything up. I only wish I had pictures of the different stages to show. 
Didn't even think about it at the time.

Happy Wednesday and happy Fall decorating ya’ll.


  1. i love this! my wreath is so boring compared to yours!

  2. I ADORE your front door! Just pinned it ;)

  3. love that wreath, so cute. and i am really loving your front door color, too! that's kind of what I am thinking for our front door but can't decide for sure. i have had enough of our boring white door though! : )

  4. Your front porch looks so fun! I love the lights and how you layered everything with the pendant and ghosts. Great job :)

  5. So sweet. I love it all. It is so homey and welcoming.

  6. I love that wreath! So colorful and perfect!

  7. i ADORE your fall decor!!! come over and decorate my front porch? please? ; )

  8. Love your Fall wreath!
    I really like how you mixed textures!!
    Happy Fall.

  9. i like your fall wreath, and the colors of it. the colors of my house don't lend themselves to autumn, but this would be perfect!

  10. i love your wreath and your porch and your door!
    just so you know, i'm TOTALLY copying your wreath :)
    but it might take me about 3 months to finally get it done so it
    may just have to be an xmas wreath :)

  11. Newest follower here! This is so incredibly cute! I will be making one of these!

  12. I found you from the #lakeplacidjam hashtag {that sounds weird haha!}and I already love your blog, it is soooo cute!! I can't wait to read more! Your porch is adorable, I love it!

  13. so cute! i just found your blog through the Olive Tree. Loving it.
    xoxo. jillian

  14. Oh my goodness! I stumbled across your wreath on instagram and just love it. I was so inspired I did a similar method to an old rake I just blogged about for my front door.

  15. i really really like it it looks fab! I have gotten a few more Fall pieces around but not much--swweet heather from the Vintage Grew sent me something for my door, so that was sweet.

    Hope you had wonderful time away in NY.


  16. I love it I love it! I'm obsessed.