Monday, May 30, 2011

Necklaces, Rings, & Earrings, oh my!

Here's a peek into what I've been up to lately.
 I've been making things....rings, necklaces, bobby pins, earrings, and I'm lovin' each one. The hardest part is deciding what I will keep for myself and which ones I will give away, etc. The girls want to wear a different one everyday.

Anyhow, my kids only have a week and a half left of school and I've decided to give Grayson's teacher a necklace. She has been so great, not counting when he sees her, how his face lights up. 
It's too sweet.
After trying to decide what to get her I thought, why not give her a necklace. And the more I thought about it... it was perfect. She helped my Gray to bloom into the young man he is now today, a year later, and we are so thankful for her! Thank you to Mrs. Addison and to all the wonderful teachers out there who've made a difference in my kids lives. You are the best!

Heather :) 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Beautiful Letdown

 In March Gabi turned 10 and all she wanted for her birthday was a pair of Toms__ blue glitter Toms. Only thing, when we went to order them they were all sold out. Like everywhere-none were to be found, even at the specialty stores. We had to explain this to her and see if another pair, maybe the pink glitters would do? Nope, she had her heart set on the blue glitter and she would wait until they made more and were back in stock.

Literally, from March until now Gabi has checked the Toms website everyday after getting home from school. With dissappointment each day she has come to me again & again letting me know "they're still not in". I even called the Tom's headquarters trying to see when they would have more in stock only to have them share with me "they would be in soon, real soon".

2 weeks ago Gabi came home to her normal routine of checking their website and spotted these new babes.
 She immediately went into the mode of "well what if I get these and then they get in the blue glitters." "I'm still going to want those too".
With a lot of thought put into the decision she decided to order the blue animal print with the intention that if the glitters came in she then would ask for them for Christmas.
 Once again, the ritual started__only now it was for her to find the package delivered and waiting for her on the front porch. Each night she would tell me before going to bed" I wonder if my Toms will come in tomorrow?" Or when dropping her off in the mornings at school "mom, do you think my Toms will be delivered today?" And every time the UPS truck made the rumbling coming up the street and passed our house I had to see her let down. The let down of not getting what she had so longed for since her birthday.

I could relate many times I can want something so much that I almost miss the point of waiting...miss the process in the waiting. I have found this time to be the most crucial time. Often times it's painful-there's chipping & molding on me taking place and it's not always a pretty little package. In these times I start to see...really see. Blinders are lifted, my perspective shifts, things are brought into the Light, and it's always good. Because He is good.

Her package did seem like it took forever to arrive. Finally, this Tuesday after coming home, finding the front porch empty, and having been defeated because all hope was given over to the thought that "they're just not coming, they're out of these too". "My Toms are never going to get here".......we hear the rumble.
When I tell you my house erupted -it did! The squeals and jumping from Gabi and Kayli were unstoppable. I think the UPS guy was a little bummed to find out it wasn't him they were so excited to see.
 They had arrived-they were finally here.
 I had no sooner closed the front door when Grayson, playing games at the computer, says "that's how God feels when someone gets saved". This statement stopped me in my tracks and was one of those moments when I want to cry.. because he gets it and the fact that he even just had that thought means that he's thinking on heavenly things, which to me means, he gets it!
 I started to think how do I respond to the waiting....Do I anticipate great things, am I excited to see what's next? Am I waiting with expectancy?

Every package I receive or Gabi, Kayli, or Grayson  receives is good. It may not always be the original blue glitter, but we still are able to have the blue animal print and in the end they were just as good.

All of that over a pair of Toms, but I wouldn't want it any other was a beautiful letdown.

Heather :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hair Nonsense

Sigh, sigh, & sigh again..... let's talk about hair.
Hair is such an issue around the Holden house. I mean I do have 2 girls and our mornings can get a little nasty sometimes, I'm just saying. There is quite often a lot of growling & huffing that comes from my 10 yr old's direction. If 1 hair is out of place to her, or laying kinda wirey, she just won't have it! This is what starts to occur coming out of her 4th grade year. And my 2nd grader just wants hers fixed but she's easy cause' she doesn't care if you braid it in tiny braids and bobby pin it to her head...kidding.
Anyways, my roots have been looking bad(pic for proof) so today is hair day for me and I'm going to someone new__new person, new place. Whoop, whoop. I love getting my hair done. I've always said if my hair looks good then I could be wearing hole-y clothes. As long as my hair is up to par, it makes all the difference... you just feel better, right?

We've had the opportunity to live in a few places (Pa, Tx, Fl, La to name a few) and so with each move has come a new someone to color my, ever- growing- darker- as I get older, roots. It is so tricky, finding that special person. I think you either have hair ability or you don't. And when I have found some hair ability I've had to move and then I have to start the process all over again.
Going to school to be a nail tech, working in a salon for 5 years, and having worked for the Aveda Institute, I've been in the hair scene.
Since today I'm actually getting my "hair do", I thought it would be fun to share some tips as to how I try and find that someone who can help make me & you look F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s...
(warning: I'm still walking through this process)

Heather’s Hair Tips & Nonsense

1. Look up the salons website. How do they present themselves? What do they specialize in? Color? Hair extensions, etc

2. If you don't know them you need to see them. A biggie for me is how does their own hair look? Not may be a sign.

3. If getting a "new do"  or specialty cut by them, you need to see their work. Do you know somebody who's hair they've cut? This is important so that you can see if they have skillz. I've had cuts where I don't have to do much styling for it to just work and it's wonderful. On the other hand, I've had cuts where no matter how long I fix& style it's just not going to look right and that's always a bummer.

4. The salon I worked in had a rule.. when a new client called to schedule an appt. the newest hairstylist or the person trying to build their clientele got them. It only makes sense the stylist who has been doing hair forever stay booked. So if it's important for you to have someone more experienced, say so. When making your appt. tell them it's imperative you have a stylist who knows color, or that has been doing this for a good amount of time. Even then though, there are no guarantees. That's when it goes back to they either have ability or they don't.

5. Bring pictures of color or cuts that you want. My red and your red are totally different. It's not the stylist job to know this. So go in prepared with what you want and pics that showcase it.

6. If for some reason you 're not satisfied...tell them. Not rudely, but most salons stand by their work and if you call them within the week they will fix the issue. I've done this once, because I came out with orange hair. When I got home my son said I looked like a pumpkin, mmm, yea, not good. By the way, if ever you need advice on hair, your clothes, gaining weight, just ask your kids...they tell the cold hard truth, no doubt.

7. This is an extra__ kinda like 1 to grow on. Do not highlight your hair (have it turn orange, pink, whatever color) and when your stylist offers to fix it the next day let her re- highlight, or re-bleach, the same hair again. This is a no-no and your hair will be fried and it will look fried to prove it.
Seriously, I'm really not a stresser over my hair because I do believe it can be fixed or if not, it'll grow out.
However, it is about being able to find that balance of a person who can listen to your wants/ desires  and then take that with their creativity-talent, smash it all around in a bowl, and create that special do just for you. I'm hoping this smashing all around effect happens for me today.

* To be continued....

Heather :) 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Puke Green

I like puke green. Some still have the color in their bathrooms back from the 70's and I think in small's cute. Speaking of puke green my youngest had a "bug" this weekend and did some of that herself. I felt horrible for her. If only we could take the sickness from them we would, right. By Sunday she was riding her bike again and feeling I was thankful.
 I've had this urn on my porch for awhile loving it's shape & curves. Only it always looked dirty and trust me, I have scrubbed, but to no avail. Paint & color can make all the difference in the world, you know. And when I first started putting this color on it looked yellow. I thought "it must be meant to be because of how I've been crush'n on yellow"
But no, it changed after all 4 coats.
Ivy Leaf is the real color choice of this spray paint but I tend to think it leans more towards the puke green kind. My kids don't understand why that color. But I say it's simple's different..and I like it.
So here's my little urn all short & stout
Dressed up in spray paint
The real color name... Ivy Leaf
but it looks more like puke green....

Heather :) 

Monday, May 23, 2011

When it rains, let it

Why do I worry about things I have no control over? I find myself repeatedly doing this and I have to catch myself. There are things in life we have control over such as what clothes we will wear, what we're going to eat for dinner, maybe even what occupation we choose to pursue, and that feels good__to know that we can do these things, or not do them if we so choose. But there are so many other things in life might I say, the more weightier things such as sickness, whether our kids get into a certain school, a promotion we've put in for....that we have absolutely no control over and we can wear ourselves completely out by trying too.. control them.
Confession, I have a dreadful fear of flying. Will I do it? Yes, but it's got to be worth I better land in an exotic location somewhere that includes an all inclusive eat, drink, wake to the waves crashing, be happy, kind of atmosphere. I've been told that maybe I don't like flying because I'm not the one in control__to which I say you're probably right. After all, I don't know the pilot and what he values. Does he value life or is he a risk taker? Is he skilled in flying or is he a rookie?

This just brought back a time when Jode had to fly on a business trip. Flying isn't his most fav thing to do either.
As he arrives to board the plane, a small propeller plane, I remember he said how scenarios were running through his head about the pilot. He figured the pilot would have been in Vietnam or something and had the badges to prove it, type thing. He's pretty confident, until he sees a lady walk out and introduce herself as the one who would be flying them for the day. Why his confidence level dropped-I don't know. That's a whole nother' story for another day. haha
Just like in flying__is life. The peace comes in the surrendering.. in the turning over. When we realize we're not the ones who have to try and control any of it.  The same way I have no control over the plane or the pilot taking me to my life. I may as well sit back, put on my headphones, and enjoy the ride. The difference being, I do get the opportunity to know my pilot and He's left me an instruction manual for the times of turbulence and complete chaos. So we can quit kicking, beating ourselves up,
when it rains, let it--whatever.

Heather :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

I want to always be an....

I want to be an........ encourager.
There have been ones in my my life who have said, sent, or text'd that just right_uplifting_make me smile_comment at the opportune time and I am so thankful for them. We all need those people in our lives- the ones rooting for us, the ones who have our back, the ones praying us up when we can't muster the strength too. 
For me, I may think something admiring of someone_ like how great their hair looks, how well they decorate, how disciplined they are with exercise, how they mother their children, etc... but I fail to tell them. Sometimes I do, but so many times the moment flees and I let it go. I don't speak it.....Speak it out.

Well my mind is made up__which I think will take some discipline, but I'm going to be an encourager. When the nice lady at the dentist helps me__I'm going to tell her so, when the teachers of my kids touch their lives in a way__I'm going to tell them, when my kids knock it out of the park at their baseball game__I'm going to tell them how great they did. I'm going to tell my husband when he fixes something, that to him doesn't amount to a hill of beans, but to me means everything. I'm going to let them know.
Let's just do an encouragement to someone today. I double dog dare you!

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. 
William Arthur Ward

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Heather :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I heart garage sales, like really. However, I'm not one to go dig for hours and waste a lot of time at just 1. Usually, I have limited time and I have to get what I can while the getting is good. You know there could possibly be another sale happening down the road and my find is being found by someone else. So there's not much room for dilly dally if you go along with me. Come on, you know it takes skillz to go in laser focused and come out with plunder that you paid next to nothing for. After all, that is the ultimate reward.
Neighborhood sales are the best and my husband, being awesome like he is, suggested having a family outing last week. We walk up to these babes immediately and the thoughts start running wild in my head. I've just seen these chairs in our local grocery selling for $20 a piece. Only I don't see a price so I'm not sure if they are for sell. I finally spot someone to ask and she says $3__$3 a piece. Wha?? I'll take them! My son starts to carry the plunder to our car when I hand over a $5 dollar bill and tell the nice lady to keep the change because they're worth it. She pauses......a long while it seems. It hits my head that I owe her $6 because I've got 2 chairs in tow, duh. What just happened here??

I apologize profusely explaining that I really wasn't trying to get them for cheaper-- you know that's how it 's usually done at garage sales. See if you can get something for less than the actual price. That was not the case here, promise...although I wish it kind of were. Maybe I would have a better excuse then.

The older lady gets a good laugh at me and says she's just glad to see someone so young do what she does all the time---memory loss. This kind of thing seems to be happening more frequently and I'm not too down with it.
This beauty made the whole trip worth it! My daughters have been drooling over these for awhile and I've wanted it for them too, just not at retail price. The man had a $40 tag on her and I asked if he would take any less....$30... yes sir, sold.
She has been so much fun already(sorry for her nakedness).

Our neighbor friend texted my husband later that evening wanting to know if we had any luck while G.Saling. My husband told him we had found a mannequin, for loss of a little bit better description. Neighbor friend said he was scared to ask but did she have boobs? Ummm, I said quick send a pic over please, to divert anymore confusion. Geez, I can just hear the next HOA meeting now....
Pottery Barn has these for $129 and their wooden parts are white. I'm thinking I may have to break out the spray paint on her.

Also, the necklace I found at Penney's for like $7. It needed a little something so I added a satin flower with some tulle to it. I love it!

Happy Thursday! Can't take the thrift out of this girl!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Why Wouldn't I?

My youngest daughter is 8 years old. The other day she came to me with a sucker in her hand and asked  if she could have it. I said “yes" and she proceeded to put it in her mouth and walk away. As she did I said “Kayli, thank you for asking me first."  To which she replied with squinted up face and without second thought  “why wouldn’t I?" The thought hit me and I couldn’t help but think that’s how I should be when I pray and ask God for something… but is that the first thing I do?

There are times when in the moment of making a decision I feel isn’t that “big”... I just do it without even asking. But what if we asked God without second thought because we knew we were asking a loving, giving, wants the best for us, knows our future_God_ that has the whole world in His hands. The whole stinkin’ world!

Kayli took a chance by asking me if she could have the sucker. It was right before supper and she had already had a snack getting in from school. So I could have said no, or not now, but you can have it later. And if I had said that, would that have been the best choice for her?

He cares about the “little” things just as much as the “big” things and he already knows them. But I don’t want Him to be shocked when I come and ask for direction with our future, when I’m struggling with how I should handle my 10 year old, or even in the "little" things like if its o.k. for me to have a sucker.

**Post from last Wednesday the 11th.**

Heather :) 


I'm going to try and not make this post a rant. However, on Wednesday, the 11th I posted a new post on my blog which was later deleted because blogger is having issues and crashed. They have sent updates saying that it will be restored but as of yet, it has not been. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be cause' I liked it and it takes time to post, you know. Can you sense some frustration here.....

But whatever. On another note, we have been up to our eyeballs in house hunting. Currently, we lease a home that we've lived in for almost 2 yrs. The owners really would like to sell the home, only they want to sell for like $100,00 more than we want to spend. ha!

This process has already been so tiring. Not just physically but mentally, too. I mean I walk in these newer homes with all their pretty "newness" but feel as if I'm driving in a Neon(no offense to Neon owners). Versus walking into a 20yr old home that may not have all of the "newness" but it feels like I'm driving a Pilot. There is a heavier, better feel.

As time goes by I have changed so much. I mean, I literally feel like I'm changing yearly. Foods I like, music, colors, etc.... 5 years ago all the "newness" of a home would have been my dream home. Or my perfect. But now, I NEED "oldness". I need dings & dints & some scuffs. I need the character in the flow of an older home. I need the smells of "oldness" because the "newness" smell is like antiseptic in my nose. I need a home that is tried and true. Where a man and a woman loved, fought, raised their family, had their first pet, went through the storms of life, and the walls still stand. Now after 20 years their kids are grown and gone and they find themselves in a new season of life. It's time for them to move on and let's our time to move in and make it  "home".

Heather :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Celebrating "Mom"

Would you just look at that. That's my mom on the left with her only sister when she was just a girl. They're so cute. I'm kinda chuckling inside because she is going to kill me for putting these pics on here. She kinda has this thing with pictures. She doesn't like them taken of her, oh, or to be videoed by someone. I had a hard time even finding pictures of her to use for this entry, she just doesn't take many. But mom, we're done with that, K cause we need pics of you. Like really, and your granbabes want pics of you, too. :)
My mom is my mom and it's hard to put into words who and what all she means to me. She is one of the most giving, do for you, kind of people I know. Sometimes to a fault of making herself totally and completely exhausted. She is a crafter, crocheter, wife, Jesus lover, garage saler, mother of 2, and a darn hard worker.

She was a single mom that raised my older brother and I for around 8years alone. When I was 4 we went from living in a nice home to living in a trailer it seemed overnight. She had to scramble to get a job, support us kids, and deal with a divorce that wasn't by choice.
My mom has always been into the little things. If I collected something she would find a zillion of them.. I have no idea where. She started me collections in erasers, strawberry shortcake figurines, pencils, stickers, I had a treasure box....but I'm talking I had a book of stickers that you could add pages into and keep filling it up and it was massive.
If she went to a craft show or somewhere out of the ordinary she always came home with something for my brother and I. One of my fondest memories was when her and I started a yearly trip to this humongous craft show that took place yearly. They basically shut down a whole town and crafters lined the streets as far as you could see. We would get up before the sun and drive like 3 and a half hours to it. Then spend the whole day shopping, looking, getting ideas, and leave late totally worn out. She made sacrifices for us that I will always respect and appreciate her for.
Our time together is limited because of living in separate states but it is cherished. As I get older I see my nose looking more like hers, or an age spot I have on my face that looks like hers, the way our shins get really dry, or the veins that are starting to protrude in my hands like hers.... we are so much the same, yet so very different. I see it in my kids just the same. I guess that's the beauty of it all.... After all she's my mom.
Mom, I love you and hope you have a great Mother's Day. Wish we could be there in person!!

Heather :) 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spiff'n it Up

The flowers on everything lately are making me crazy in love.
So I decided to spiff this old tank up a bit. With some fabric, thread, & some hot glue....viola. Now I have a cute-si-fied tank to wear.

Heather :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Run - H.a.r.d

Gosh, today was one of those days for me. The pressures of life just seemed to be overbearing. My kids attitudes, our next steps in life, job, people's opinions seemed like from all sides we were being crushed.
When I find myself at this place, like today, I have to run. And I have to run hard-to Jesus. He is the one who knows me inside & out. He is where I can draw my strength and how I can make it through.

Crushed=to press between opposing bodies so as to break or give; pound, grind
Perplexed=troubled or confused

When I read those 2 definitions I was like, huh...I can relate. That's definitely what it feels like, sometimes. But again what I know is that my feeling's will lie to me so I have to fix myself on Him, on what He says.
Today it sucks a little, but I'm thankful that this to shall pass and tomorrows a new day.

2 Cor 4:7-8 We are hard pressed on every side but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair...

Proverbs 18:10
God's name is a place of protection-
people can run there and be safe

Heather :) 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Update on the Birthday

Well I made my first cheesecake, ever and I must say it wasn't the best. It was ok. but I definitely learned from it and will make adjustments next time I try and make one.

However, it did look professional. I mean that spring form pan really does it's thing. The recipe was for a plain cheesecake from Paula Deen. But I'm not so much for plain. So beings Jode luv's Reese's Cups I added them in after I put in the graham cracker crust. Yep, we can all feel our jeans fitting a little tighter already.

Anyhow, the morning started off with Jode going out to bring the kids to school and finding that his windows had been written on. We had written on the back glass"It's My Birthday" and on the sides we had drawn hearts and "whoop, whoop". I really had wanted the back window to say"Honk it's my Birthday" but it was dark and late and it's hard to write on curved glass with all those things working against you, you know. 

I was running behind on getting supper cooked and the cheesecake ready so I asked the girls to wrap their dad's present and of course, they got right to it! They picked Christmas paper but it didn't matter cause' they liked it and stripes go with anything.

Gabi decided to decorate the gift for her dad by writing on it and she got a little carried away. She must have been thinking about her name or something, who knows, but this is what it said"...Gotta love those eyes!

Grayson had been saving his money for a new pair of Nike shoes. In his world if he had 3 pair of the newest bestest Nikes he would be good to go. He decided though, that he wanted to buy his dad a new Wii game. So we go to purchase it and they tell us it won't be released until mid May. Needless to say he was disappointed because he wasn't going to have anything in hand to give his dad. When the time came he stepped up and gave him this. Um, what else is there to say...priceless.

Back at my birthday in January Jode and I were shopping for myself a white watch. We had gone in Dillard's and a nice guy was helping us try watches on when Jode made the comment " dudes don't wear white watches, do they?" The nice guy replied something like "only ones that are trendy"...ahem.:)
So guess what he wanted for his birthday...

I had been telling him for quite awhile how much I really liked the white and that I thought they looked really good on guys'. I'm not sure if he feels any trendier or if he even cares, but I think he looks hot sporting his white watch. So I guess he wins.

Our family is so blessed-like really. I'm sure I will write these words a lot because to not say them wouldn't be me being honest. And I don't just say those words lightly or to try and paint a pretty picture. Because trust me there's some not so pretty things here too-trust me. I am definitely a work in progress.   

I was asked last week to give a friend, of mine whose old enough to be my dad, a ride to pick up his car from the shop. While making small talk he said "if I may, let me give you a piece of advice. Don't worry about all the things you can worry yourself over, before you know it you will be old, it's like you blink and your kids are grown, and life is too short to worry about tomorrow or what's going to happen years from now." 

Which got me thinking about the "now". The today, the moment in everyday, and I'm really trying to take it all in . I'm trying to almost woller around in the now. Kinda like a pig-wollers...yep, that's right. And I want to totally be there, to be present. To not take things for granted, to be thankful...

Now, I think I need to go woller some.

Heather :)