Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I heart garage sales, like really. However, I'm not one to go dig for hours and waste a lot of time at just 1. Usually, I have limited time and I have to get what I can while the getting is good. You know there could possibly be another sale happening down the road and my find is being found by someone else. So there's not much room for dilly dally if you go along with me. Come on, you know it takes skillz to go in laser focused and come out with plunder that you paid next to nothing for. After all, that is the ultimate reward.
Neighborhood sales are the best and my husband, being awesome like he is, suggested having a family outing last week. We walk up to these babes immediately and the thoughts start running wild in my head. I've just seen these chairs in our local grocery selling for $20 a piece. Only I don't see a price so I'm not sure if they are for sell. I finally spot someone to ask and she says $3__$3 a piece. Wha?? I'll take them! My son starts to carry the plunder to our car when I hand over a $5 dollar bill and tell the nice lady to keep the change because they're worth it. She pauses......a long while it seems. It hits my head that I owe her $6 because I've got 2 chairs in tow, duh. What just happened here??

I apologize profusely explaining that I really wasn't trying to get them for cheaper-- you know that's how it 's usually done at garage sales. See if you can get something for less than the actual price. That was not the case here, promise...although I wish it kind of were. Maybe I would have a better excuse then.

The older lady gets a good laugh at me and says she's just glad to see someone so young do what she does all the time---memory loss. This kind of thing seems to be happening more frequently and I'm not too down with it.
This beauty made the whole trip worth it! My daughters have been drooling over these for awhile and I've wanted it for them too, just not at retail price. The man had a $40 tag on her and I asked if he would take any less....$30... yes sir, sold.
She has been so much fun already(sorry for her nakedness).

Our neighbor friend texted my husband later that evening wanting to know if we had any luck while G.Saling. My husband told him we had found a mannequin, for loss of a little bit better description. Neighbor friend said he was scared to ask but did she have boobs? Ummm, I said quick send a pic over please, to divert anymore confusion. Geez, I can just hear the next HOA meeting now....
Pottery Barn has these for $129 and their wooden parts are white. I'm thinking I may have to break out the spray paint on her.

Also, the necklace I found at Penney's for like $7. It needed a little something so I added a satin flower with some tulle to it. I love it!

Happy Thursday! Can't take the thrift out of this girl!

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