Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Puke Green

I like puke green. Some still have the color in their bathrooms back from the 70's and I think in small doses..it's cute. Speaking of puke green my youngest had a "bug" this weekend and did some of that herself. I felt horrible for her. If only we could take the sickness from them we would, right. By Sunday she was riding her bike again and feeling normal..so I was thankful.
 I've had this urn on my porch for awhile loving it's shape & curves. Only it always looked dirty and trust me, I have scrubbed, but to no avail. Paint & color can make all the difference in the world, you know. And when I first started putting this color on it looked yellow. I thought "it must be meant to be because of how I've been crush'n on yellow"
But no, it changed after all 4 coats.
Ivy Leaf is the real color choice of this spray paint but I tend to think it leans more towards the puke green kind. My kids don't understand why that color. But I say it's simple really...it's different..and I like it.
So here's my little urn all short & stout
Dressed up in spray paint
The real color name... Ivy Leaf
but it looks more like puke green....

Heather :) 


  1. Ha! And to think I've had a "puke green" side table all this time and didn't even know it! ;) (Glad Kayli is feeling better)

  2. i think puke green is gorgeous.

  3. Puke never looked so good. Really.:)