Friday, May 6, 2011

Celebrating "Mom"

Would you just look at that. That's my mom on the left with her only sister when she was just a girl. They're so cute. I'm kinda chuckling inside because she is going to kill me for putting these pics on here. She kinda has this thing with pictures. She doesn't like them taken of her, oh, or to be videoed by someone. I had a hard time even finding pictures of her to use for this entry, she just doesn't take many. But mom, we're done with that, K cause we need pics of you. Like really, and your granbabes want pics of you, too. :)
My mom is my mom and it's hard to put into words who and what all she means to me. She is one of the most giving, do for you, kind of people I know. Sometimes to a fault of making herself totally and completely exhausted. She is a crafter, crocheter, wife, Jesus lover, garage saler, mother of 2, and a darn hard worker.

She was a single mom that raised my older brother and I for around 8years alone. When I was 4 we went from living in a nice home to living in a trailer it seemed overnight. She had to scramble to get a job, support us kids, and deal with a divorce that wasn't by choice.
My mom has always been into the little things. If I collected something she would find a zillion of them.. I have no idea where. She started me collections in erasers, strawberry shortcake figurines, pencils, stickers, I had a treasure box....but I'm talking I had a book of stickers that you could add pages into and keep filling it up and it was massive.
If she went to a craft show or somewhere out of the ordinary she always came home with something for my brother and I. One of my fondest memories was when her and I started a yearly trip to this humongous craft show that took place yearly. They basically shut down a whole town and crafters lined the streets as far as you could see. We would get up before the sun and drive like 3 and a half hours to it. Then spend the whole day shopping, looking, getting ideas, and leave late totally worn out. She made sacrifices for us that I will always respect and appreciate her for.
Our time together is limited because of living in separate states but it is cherished. As I get older I see my nose looking more like hers, or an age spot I have on my face that looks like hers, the way our shins get really dry, or the veins that are starting to protrude in my hands like hers.... we are so much the same, yet so very different. I see it in my kids just the same. I guess that's the beauty of it all.... After all she's my mom.
Mom, I love you and hope you have a great Mother's Day. Wish we could be there in person!!

Heather :) 

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