Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk

my Middle showcasing her art on the sidewalk with chalk...
this one is a clown...she said she wanted to do pigtails but decided not to.
I will always heart her artwork. :)

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Insta-gramming it today

Today we go take care of some more house stuff (papers, deadlines, etc, etc.) but.. we did sign
papers on a new home!! So I'm kinda wanting to shout it from the rooftops.. we will be homeowners at the end of August, if all goes as planned. There's a lot to do but we feel as a family this is a whole new season coming upon us.. we're excited..and thank you for all who 
have sent niceness/ prayers our the bestest!!
Here are my pictures from this week with 2 worders (my made up word) to go 
along with them...except for the last...

Youngest Reading


New "happy"

Packing Garage

God is so Good..
Not by our strength but by His...

Happy Friday!
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not a care in the world

This is how we feel when we go the beach...not a care in the world.
time seems to go slower
getting to play & have fun
 the sun soaking into our skin
hearing laughter
smelling the sunscreen
feeling the ocean breezes
we get to really take in God's creation
He tells the waves and water where to stop
He knows every grain of sand
He surrounds in every way 

you can see for miles
there looks to be no end
the same is His love 

we stick our hands & feet in the sand

piggyback rides are given

football is played

nights are spent out looking for crabs

and we watch the sun come up
while putting our thoughts to paper

This is what we look like when we think of the beach...

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Me and the kiddos with wind swept beach hair.:)


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pressing on

My weight has always been a battle.
Battle in the sense that I've not been comfortable with it at all times.
And I say this because when I've been healthy in my eating & exercising_ I know what it feels like_ it feels great & I'm comfortable in my skin. I have a booty & a hip thing going.. I just do, and they can get a little too wide or big at times. To where I have even let it affect me being at ease with myself while in front of people_ because if I allow it, it can have that much control over me.

I guess around the time #3 turned a year I remember seeing a friends picture taken of me and was like woah, am I really that big? Funny how you know you are but your mind can play tricks with ya, you know? The next morning I woke up determined to start my dieting/ taking the GNC pills to boost my metabolism, etc. When I grabbed for the bottle of metaba-boosters I heard that inner prompting (when you know the Lord is speaking to you) say "if you won't take these I will show you how to do this the right way". 

Side note: I come from a long line of dieter-family members and there isn't a memory I have of not being conscious of my "weight". We've done the Sugar Busters, The Atkins Diet, the soup diet, you name it_ we've done it and I think you can take away something good from each...but.. it's not about a diet. It's about eating right & living with the mindset that I want to be here for as long as I can. And the only way for that to happen is if I take care of myself. I also come from a long line of sweet & dessert eaters. My mom would have cake for breakfast and after every meal we had dessert... so is how my addiction to sugar came to be.

Sugar has been my drug at times because it's just that strong. You crave it, get grouchy without it, and it can consume your thinking. But I knew what I heard from the Lord that morning was real and so I put the diet pills up and began my journey of becoming more healthy. It was a daily thing, and it was a cumulation of small steps put together. I learned to control the quantity of what I was taking in, started figuring out how my body needed protein, cut out all of the chips & crackers, switched from white to wheat, started to drink more water, added fiber intake, bought an elliptical, and started walking everyday...and after a year I had lost weight. But most importantly, I felt good physically and mentally but physically my body felt really good.

I never have owned a scale and still don't to this day because I don't want to be tied to a number I just want to be the healthiest me. :) And I wish I could tell you that I no longer struggle with this and that I've kicked it's tale..but I haven't. If I'm not careful I can let sugar creep back in_ I can stop exercising, etc..
The difference being though that I now know. I've experienced the freedom of not letting food be a controlling factor to having it be something that is fuel for my body. And so I press on in this fight to become healthier for me and for my family's sake. So when I read Laura's post on getting healthy it resonated...she is giving 1 "health challenge" a week. Again it's not a diet_  just a way for us to be more aware of what we're putting into ourselves. I love the way she writes, the things she shares, and I think she's super cute (wish I could wear her hair).

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Turquoise and any color really

I really heart these shoes. I heart shoes in general. I kinda have a thing for them. Although, I'm not a big heels kinda girl_ sometimes.. but rare.
They make me smile when I look at them. I got these sparkly shoes in the clearance section at Target... of course..Target makes me smile too.

I heart turquoise and coral together.. and turquoise with red, brown, yellow_ 
& oh you get it.

White t - Target
Necklace - Kohl's
Earrings - Forever 21
Headband - I made it

Youngest took my pictures and so this is my cheez face.
I know this is real creative.. white top and black pants, right? But it's me and this is something that I wear. And if I could, I would buy this t-shirt in every color, just sayin'.

Black Pants - Old Navy 

And sometimes when I'm feelin' a little blue.. I like to polish my nails a bright hue.
I find it to be an immediate mood lifter when getting a glimpse of them throughout the day.
You should try it...

OPI polish - in Red my fortune cookie

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House Tour

Since the probability of us moving is high I've been taking some pictures of our house...just to have and remember it by. But.. since I was taking these I thought it might be fun to post a few to show some of the decor in our home. I'm a big lover of mixing the really old with new pieces. And I change things out quite a bit.. hence a big reason why I try and find a good deal. :)

Here is a piece I got in Pa from a Salvation Army. I paid $40 for it and later found a newspaper taped to the bottom drawer that dated back to the 1920's... can you say awesome!! As I've told you previously, we've moved a lot and with each move I always tell whomever may be loading our stuff... just don't break this piece.. I can re-place most of our things but not this one. It definitely has it's share of dings.. but it speaks to me. Oh, I also spotted some really cute knobs at Hobby Lobby that I want to change out the old ones with but I'm having to wait til' they go on sale..patience, patience.

The mirror was a horrible dark brown and I found it at Habit for Humanity. It was $30_but I heart it so much. I came home and spray painted it a gloss white.
The lamps came from TJ Maxx and I paid full price for them..$35 a piece. The shades had me.. most of the white gravy pieces came from Ross for like $3.99 a piece. And the cute newspaper birdies, pears, & apples came from Michael's from their $1 bin.

This dresser I picked up at a yard sale for $3. Well I actually paid the lady $6 and I got a chair(which I will show you later) and this dresser. I kept thinking I wasn't hearing her right but after the 2nd time I knew I had heard her so I quickly paid and loaded them up. It was a dark green and I left it that way for years but recently hubs helped to paint it this blue. Then we just painted the handles a black and Voila.. I use it to store movies, the kids video games, etc..

The white vase came from Ross for $6.99 and the hanging lantern dealy I purchased from Kirklands. Picture frame on left I purchased 2 of from Pier One on sale for $7.99 and was originally purple..but I spray painted 1 the same gloss white color as mirror and 1 a yellow.

I love thriftin' or garage salin' and happening upon that piece that is "special". The one to someone else that has been discarded but to you is just the perfect piece for right now. How about you.. found any good deals lately?
                                                Heather :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Something Special

My girls_ they are something_ something special
People often ask if they are twins_ they're not _ but close to it_ separated by only 19 months.
Sometimes I watch them_ mesmerized_ I stare at them
the way they finish each others sentences
how they laugh at each others silly little comments
the way 1 does for the other b/c she doesn't want the other to be upset.
they sleep by each other
they share clothes
they fix each others hair
youngest won't win a game just so oldest can get caught up
yes, they have something special_ even though they don't really "get it"
or know it to it's fullness now.
I imagine them being the best of friends when grown, living on their own, having each their own families_ but still having that forever bond.
Coming from a small family having only 1 brother_5 years between us_ and being closer when we were younger. Years have passed_ and distance has been put between us by miles_ and so by life.
How I wish I had a sister that had gone through lifes struggles and lifes greatest rewards with me_ that sister I could call anytime of day or night.... I don't_ but they do.
And that puts a big smile across this mommas face.
My girls_ they are something_ something special_ they are sisters.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011


We have just put an offer in on a house...yikes! My insides are jumping right now, I'm so nervous_ excited_ hopeful...
I wasn't even going to write about it yet because I thought maybe I should wait and see_ sellers may  decline our offer_ something may go wrong with the financing_ yadayada.. we all know the scenarios. Until you close there is that possibility that all may be wasted. But I came to the conclusion.. it doesn't matter really... either way. As excited as I am and hopeful that we will be homeowners_ it's OK. if it doesn't work out. Our God is faithful and more than capable to work all things for my good_ He knows our future_ and that makes it all OK. If it doesn't work out then I know God's got a plan and there's something else out there that I just don't know yet.. and how could I ever be in disagreement or unhappy with that??
So I wait.. expectantly b/c it's been 4 years since we last owned a home. We've moved a lot_ we've lived in a lot of different houses_ and it's now that time for us to settle. We have so desired to have roots, for our kids to make those relationships that are going to carry them through HS, to own grass_ no kidding.. one of the first things I want to do is lay in the grass...b/c it will be mine. There's something that comes when you're an owner and not just a member.
This is my God thing.. He has blessed my husband with a great job and we have found a great area to settle and continue raising our kids... but if we don't get this house_ it's still a God thing and we still thank Him & are excited for what's to come. So we wait....

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Instagramming-It, Loving-It Friday

Here are things I'm loving and some randomness from this week .. 
this bowl of oatmeal. I love a good  bowl of oatmeal
with my coffee in the mornings.

This magazine came in my mailbox Wednesday.. and I was all smiles cause of my infatuation 
with getting mail. I thought my friend Jess had sent it so I text'd her 
to tell her how happy I was_ only to have her tell me she didn't send, then I had to 
text and apologize for texting to begin with and try to explain... I  love her.
She's been in my life since the 8th grade. She commented on my blonde hair the first day of school which was a bad job of bleach_blonde. But still she decided to be my friend. She 's seen my ugliness, the good, bad, and everything in between. And still she chooses to be my friend.

I'm loving time together with Jode as we ride in the car..
usually the kids are quiet, we're all confined to a small space,
and we get to just talk_ we like connecting while driving & I like getting to hold  his hand.

I'm loving blueberries...I tried a new recipe this week.
I think it was called Strawberry Lemonade bars only I didn't have strawberries
so I made them with blueberries. They were good but a little tart..
the kids mouths were drawing up_squinching face_ eyes watering_
all the while saying "they're good mom, really"...

And my Middle wants to start wearing make-up..& wants to shave her legs.. 
oh you know, cause everyone else is doing it. Like her friend across the street. 
I'm loving that she wants to do these things because I know it's just part of life and I remember when I first shaved my legs and how big of a deal it was for me.
But I'm also like, everything just needs to slow down..
I feel like this growing up thing is going way too fast.
I'm also loving that we let her put on make-up while playing around the house and later 
we find lots of pictures taken of her with our iphones...  :)
She's going to love all of these in a few years...

This is what I'm loving and what's been on my heart...
What's been on yours??

Heather :)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

His kiss

Not quite sure why mine & Gray's lips are so abnormally pursed_ but here is my picture for Thursday's embracing the camera with the Anderson Crew. He turns 12 next month and I know the time is coming where I probably won't get these as often... 
so I'm enjoying his kiss while I can. :)

Heather :)