Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Turquoise and any color really

I really heart these shoes. I heart shoes in general. I kinda have a thing for them. Although, I'm not a big heels kinda girl_ sometimes.. but rare.
They make me smile when I look at them. I got these sparkly shoes in the clearance section at Target... of course..Target makes me smile too.

I heart turquoise and coral together.. and turquoise with red, brown, yellow_ 
& oh you get it.

White t - Target
Necklace - Kohl's
Earrings - Forever 21
Headband - I made it

Youngest took my pictures and so this is my cheez face.
I know this is real creative.. white top and black pants, right? But it's me and this is something that I wear. And if I could, I would buy this t-shirt in every color, just sayin'.

Black Pants - Old Navy 

And sometimes when I'm feelin' a little blue.. I like to polish my nails a bright hue.
I find it to be an immediate mood lifter when getting a glimpse of them throughout the day.
You should try it...

OPI polish - in Red my fortune cookie

I'm linking up for my first time with The Pleated Poppy 

Go check out what others wore (I'm sure they're way better than mine, ha!) and what others are love'n on this awesome Wednesday!

Heather :)


  1. Great Outfit! Love those shoes and I love TARGET!

  2. Well I, for one, think you're beautiful and Ive got the green eyed monster visiting after seeing that headband you made.
    I found you on Jami's sidebar and am glad I did. New follower here:)
    Have a blessed day!

  3. Love those shoes and your necklace! Your headband is super cute too! And your ring is gorgeous! You are rockin' it girl!!

  4. love it.

    yep, turquoise and coral has my heart too.

    living room, turquoise and red.

    favorite earrings, and color combo i wore the other day, turquoise and purple.

    it goes with everything.

    and i LOVE those shoes. :) especially with the cropped black pants. adorbs.

  5. You look so great!! I love that the outfit is simple and you let your accessories do the talking. Those pants are amazing, and they look really great on you! I need to get some in that length!!

  6. Darling post. You look fantastic! (lovin' the headband :))

  7. Love it! Love the headband and the shoes...and the wedding ring! gorgeous.

  8. your headband is amazing! I love it, you are too cute!

  9. turquoise and coral go perfect together like peas and carrots ;)

    You look great! Awesome job on the headband!!

  10. Why are you so cute? Stop. It. ;) You are gorgeous. Seriously.

  11. gasp!!! i adore this outfit. you are the cutest thing. the turquoise touches are absolutely perfect. can you come dress me?!

  12. awh i love it ... and i'm wearing the target shirt in grey right now ... bought the lime green one first then went back to get the white, black and the grey ... best shirt ever hands down!

  13. Love the outfit & the accessories! I'm a shoes girl too :) Stopping by for the first time from the WIWW link up!

  14. You is cute cute cute... As always :)
    (Me and Lydia both have thsose shoes too. xx)

  15. I have those same shoes and I love them! I also have several of that white t-shirt and I am known to accessorize with turquoise quite frequently. Too funny!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE your headband!! so cute!!!!

  17. I love it all! Those zebra print shoes are awesome. Turquoise & coral are some of my fav's too! New follower here.

  18. Great outfit and LOVE the headband. You look super cute!