Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back Home

We just got back yesterday from being with family in Louisiana and so today has been an unpack suitcases_wash clothes_clean house_kids catch-up with friends kind of day for us.

 Last week was full of fun things that we all got to do including going to the Zephyr's Baseball game... we did not win a new car, ha. And...the game felt like it went f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I mean it's a little hard for this girl to sit for 5 hours watching baseball, just saying.

They did have an awesome fireworks show afterwards that made up for it.

I think we probably gained 10 pounds while gone. I don't know why but it always seems like when we go back home all we do is eat.

Down in the South they have these ice desserts called snow-balls. It's a lot of sugary goodness poured over ice, with more sugary goodness on top such as condensed milk, marshmallow cream, really whatever you like, they can put on them.

This one was Coconut Cream flavor with condensed milk on top and they are like incredible. 
Once you have 1 your hooked. I think we had a few....:)

We ate at my MIL's, my moms, my SIL's and on this night all the cousins got to have a bonfire together.
This set of cousins are raising chickens, have an awesome garden, they ride around on golf carts & 4 wheelers, have an outdoor shower for the kids to get cleaned up before coming inside, and my kiddos absolutely love getting to be a part of all the fun with them.

 It's like they never even miss a beat. They just pick up with each other right where they left off. Whether it be 6 months since we've last seen them or a year. It's super sweet stuff... all of the family love.

There was also a day spent at Blue Bayou Waterpark..(yea I figured you didn't want to see pics of the fuller family going down the water slides on tubes), getting to eat at Trey Yuen (which is the bestest place ever for Chinese food), and some other things that the kiddos got to do with their Nana. 

Before I know it, they'll be getting up early again, getting lunches & snacks packed, helping them with homework........but this has been a great Summer...

Heather :) 


  1. looks like y'all had a great week :)

  2. oh my goodness! snowballs!
    a few years ago i went on a missions trip for katrina rebuilding to mississippi, we found this little random shack that sold snowballs. We all thought it was super funny that was what they were called. None of us knew about the condensed milk thing - I think we just ordered what we would order in a snow cone back home.
    I was watching the food network the other day, and they gave me the whole lowdown on snowballs, the flavors, and condensed milk. I think we totally did it wrong and missed out on the best of the best!!!

    PS thanks for stopping by my little blog! Yeah, the canisters look pretty spiffy! I love them (even with their flaws!)