Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You paint the sky

When I was a kid I remember laying on the trampoline looking up at the clouds...
we used to play that game where you try and pick out animals/things that the clouds looked like.
I still like that game but now I look up and can't help but think of this song.

Just press play and then scroll through the pictures..

"You walk on waves
You run with clouds
You paint the sky for me to see
Your majesty
Your majesty is why I sing"

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Heather :)


  1. Love the song! Love the pics! Love you:)

  2. So so so so so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing such gorgeous inspiration!

  3. Beautiful pictures and song!

  4. You think we can get away on a date tonight? Call the babysitter! JH

  5. oh i love this. pictures of the sky always capture my heart and bring me closer to His. love it :)