Friday, June 29, 2012

For His Glory

I would be lying to you if I sat here and said that living away from family has been easy or fun. it's not. but i believe it has made me and Jode into the family we are today. we have clung to each other and learned so much.

the saying goodbye and knowing when we will see each other again is a little easier. than the saying goodbye and not knowing when we might get to see each other again. whether it be due to financial reasons or job obligations. and there have been those times.

MIL & Me_ Cousins_ Cousins_ Niece & SIL
I think it was after my dad’s death when I became the most aware of how precious our time together was…is.  i’m not trying to be depressing here, but it’s true. the not knowing if it was the last time I may hug my mom or my mother-in-law’s neck.

the loading up_ the holding of hands and prayer before we drove off_ the tight hugs and extra squeezes_ it would get me every time. it started with the prayer usually led by my father-in-law, BIL, or Jode before we would all disburse and go our separate ways. all of the gratitude_the thankfulness knowing the grace that has been given us would rise up from the inside and sit right in my throat. the more I tried to fight it back the tears would eventually always come.

Me & Steph (SIL)

I’ve shared about what the Lord has done in my life_ what He’s done in our family. I write about us weekly and hopefully, you see threads of him interwoven all throughout of his faithfulness, blessing, and working in our life.

but our extended family also, each have individual testimonies of God’s love and grace. and when you get us all together _ put us all in a room together_ when we sit next to each other taking up 2 rows of pews it is something so sweet and can be overwhelming for me. i look from face to face and I’m reminded of God’s goodness and mercy. it stares back at me.

Kids with MawMaw

Kids with cousin

Jode_his dad_ middle brother_ oldest brother

so that’s why the tears come. i’m not sad. in fact it’s just the opposite. i’m filled with joy and humbled all at the same time bc I know_ I know how we don’t deserve any of it but yet he chose to put us all together. and for that I’m thankful and overwhelmed.

do we get on each others nerves? or have disagreements? well sure. and we know as long as we (all of us) are part of something it’s gonna be jacked up at times. because we’re human. the difference being there’s forgiveness_ there’s love offered. and at the end of the day we have a bond and a reason to celebrate_ we’re family.

the settling back in at home within the quietness is hard to get back adjusted too. when there has been a house full of cousins, aunts, uncles, pallets all over the floor, not enough bathrooms available, hearing hunting story after hunting story told, laughing about old times, watching our kids sing and put on shows, hearing the boys wrestle, and eating all of mawmaws good cooking.
but we look forward to the next time with great anticipation.
we each look up to Him and follow His direction.
and pray that He always get’s the glory.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I heart thrifting {and i bet you do too}

what do you_ me_ $10_ thrift shopping_ buying for someone else_ and someone buying for you 
all have to do with?

it ‘s the thrifty love gift exchange!
us ladies_ stephanie, jamihannahsarah, esther, danielle, myself, and carina love thrifting! 
and i bet you do, too!

this thrifty love sparked the idea for a super fun sort of gift exchange.
enjoying the thrill of the thrift as you shop for a gift, and sharing it with someone else!
and y'all, this will be such a great way to meet other bloggers and make new friends!

here's how it works:

if you are interested in participating (duh, you so are!), here's what you need to know:
1. send an email to carina at punkpumpkinpeanut at gmail dot com by july 5
2. include a link to your blog and a mailing address (only to be shared with your match up!)

you'll get your match no later than july 10.
at that point you can get to know your new blog friend and you'll be all set to go thrifting!
spending limit is $10, which is like lottery winnings at the right shop.
all packages should be in the mail no later than july 25.
*if it turns out you can't participate, please let carina know by july 20 so we can set your match up with another friend

get your blog posts ready with a full report of your thrifty love for a blog link up
on august 6th.

*this exchange is open to u.s. residents only this time around*

are you excited?! i thought so! now, grab a button on the right and get thrifting!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

have you seen....

have you seen Chrissie's cute prints & such that she makes and sells in her shop called "in his grace"?
if not, then you must go check out her art!
i was super blessed by her when she contacted me and then sent me 2 of her prints.
the heart is going in our bedroom...a project i've been working on for the last couple of weeks.
and the other is probably going in one of the girls rooms.
i had a hard time picking bc each one is so colorful and great.

today we are relaxing_ unpacking_ and catching up on laundry.
our trip to mississippi was quick and seemed to fly by.
but we are so glad that we were able to go be with family and celebrate 
with my niece at her wedding.
hope you had a great weekend too.

happy tuesday!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

We go together......

we go together like peanuts and payday like Marley and reggae.
 like sunshine in the sky like a shirt goes with a tie.
like caramel on top of ice cream like you in my dreams.
like an avocado that's ripe like the words here that i type....

and all this means is that I love you babe.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Goodness

Fathers Day started out with breakfast in bed.
I made a German french toast the night before.
so it was an easy quick fix for us that was ready to stick in
the oven when we got up yesterday morning.

the kids brought it up to Jode in bed who was still snoozing.
we had stayed up pretty late the night before and he had no
idea they had this up their sleeve’s.

it was the kids idea to get him beef jerky (his favorite)
but it’s so stinkin expensive to get it on a regular basis.
and some pistachio’s another one of his favorite’s.

there were homemade cards that told him of their love.
and I had gotten him a new shirt that he could wear to church.
  I love for him to feel good and look smokin’.

we went and ate with friends for lunch
and came back home to this dessert.

later we spent some time by the pool.

and I managed to get this one picture of him with the kids.
I would’ve liked more but it just didn’t happen.

I thought of my own dad too.
wish he was still here to call up and talk to.

this is one of my favorite all time pictures of us.

I think I always just wanted to hold onto him tightly.
never quite feeling like I could.

thankful as always for my Father in heaven who holds us.
hope you had a great Father’s Day too.
Happy Monday.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

learning and letting go

summer started and things haven't stopped since about two weeks before school got out. our days picked up and things haven’t slowed down. this isn’t a bad thing at all. because really I much prefer to be doing & going rather than sitting wondering what we can do.

don’t get me wrong, i do love the days where i get to stay in my pjs [especially on rainy days] and do nothing. and the mornings. mornings I cherish bc I’m able to get up before everyone with my coffee and the word. to just the sound of the birds chirping a tune out of my window. 
I so enjoy this time. 

everyday i see how my kids are getting older. they have their own friends. their each involved in different activities. and they have their own agendas of what they want to do for the day….and so my days just go. and i’m usually going over a list in my head of all the things I need to get accomplished and then wondering HOW I’m going to get it all accomplished for that day.
things like driving & dropping off middle for practice every morning and evening.
picking up oldests’ friend to stay the night.
setting up the play date with youngest…
my desire to at least blog every other day. but lately only managing maybe 1 post a week.
my want to sit and design some new pieces for the shop. I have so many ideas and things running through my head. but right now just being able to keep up with the orders coming in.
and my bedroom needs a serious cleaning. Jode painted it a few weeks back and ever since I haven’t hung anything or given it the cleaning I’d like.
I know you have to know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you have a list too it just may look a little different than mine.

lately I hear this little voice inside saying to just let it go though… let it go. 
so that’s what I’ve been trying to do.
let go of the notion that I have to blog every day or I’ll have no one who wants to read.
let go of feeling like I have to make new pieces or things in my shop will get stale.
let go of feeling like someone may see my room and think we are disgusting.
I’ve had to let go of some of it…. and I’m at a place right now as I sit and type that I’m not just saying the words I’m actually believing them.

there are seasons for everything and I know this is just a season. so I'm trying to take it in while it’s here… enjoy it while it’s here…  relish in it while it’s here. Bc i know that this time, this season is going to pass. 

I’m learning to let go of some things to hold onto the better.

learning_ letting go_ and walking away from my list of things that need to get done today bc well my kids are wanting to go swim for the bazillionth time. so I think what I need to do today is just go play at the pool.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 on 10 [our trip to Florida]

ten pictures. ten consecutive hours. on the tenth.
the fact that I finally remembered to do this is amazing because I usually forget
and then wish so bad later that I would’ve.
and I also feel bad a little that I took these with my phone
instead of my real camera.
but here’s the deal-io.
the 10th winded up being on Sunday
and I knew I would be up in church when I needed to get a quick pic.
so I kinda felt a bit better about taking one with my phone
than I did breaking bad with my big ole’ camera and everyone hearing the click_ 
seeing my lens_ etc.. don’t judge, just sayin’.

the fact that we ended up in Florida on the 10th was pretty awesome too.
it forced me to document more than I would have normally.

Waking up that morning to this view.

On our way to C3 for church.

Hubs getting to use his gift by leading worship.

Seeing this chandy at the Mexican restaurant we ate at afterwards. 
I want it in my house!

Hearing John Mayer’s new song when we got in the car.

Love is a verb…it really is.
 Because I need you to show me.

Finding this Starbuck’s as we were driving over to Celebration.

I had had zero cups of coffee that morning and the caffeine headache
had started to set in about this time.

Driving down a street in Celebration to visit friends.
It's been 3 years since we've seen them and so nice to catch up.
And you know they’re your friends when they invite you in their home
without knowing your coming.


Getting to eat at Cheesecake Factory.
Which is one of my all time favorites.
And splitting 5 different flavors of cheesecake….
Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup was my fave.

I was pretty excited to know that I was going to get to look and dream in Anthropologie.
forgetting that it was a Sunday a most malls close at 6pm.
my heart ached a little as I stared through the glass at all the mugs & dishtowels.
and once again as I strolled by Urban Outfitters….closed.

And here are a few extra shots just because they were some of my fave's from the trip.

raining as we drove in on Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

this one of middle. 
who is growing up way too fast.
never been more serious about that statement than i am today.

hubs and I eating at Longhorn Steakhouse….one of his fave’s.

the kids enjoying the hot tub….over & over & over..

swimming and tricks

getting to see Celebration_ reminiscing_ and missing the community there.

Waking up on our last morning in the hotel.
Ready to be back in our own beds_ with our own clean sheets…:)

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Dumpin' some Photos

It's been awhile since I've unloaded some of my insta-gram photos.
And literally my phone just the other day said i only had so much storage left...not good. 
the hubs was like you have way too much stuff on here and need to clean some things up.
to which he is so right. but i have trouble picking through which ones i need to take off. bc i always think well what if i need that one. like to show so and so later when i'm telling them about so and so.
but i did suck it up and just do it.

And ya'll have you had a chance to meet Katygirl from
Well if not, head over there asap bc she is one of the sweetest.
It''s her birthday and to celebrate she's having a give away every Friday in June.
And guess what that means?
Today is my day.... I'm giving away any item from my shop that you would want to pick!
So go stop by her blog_ wish her a happy day_ and enter to win one of my happys.

Have the greatest weekend!
Love to ya.