Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I heart thrifting {and i bet you do too}

what do you_ me_ $10_ thrift shopping_ buying for someone else_ and someone buying for you 
all have to do with?

it ‘s the thrifty love gift exchange!
us ladies_ stephanie, jamihannahsarah, esther, danielle, myself, and carina love thrifting! 
and i bet you do, too!

this thrifty love sparked the idea for a super fun sort of gift exchange.
enjoying the thrill of the thrift as you shop for a gift, and sharing it with someone else!
and y'all, this will be such a great way to meet other bloggers and make new friends!

here's how it works:

if you are interested in participating (duh, you so are!), here's what you need to know:
1. send an email to carina at punkpumpkinpeanut at gmail dot com by july 5
2. include a link to your blog and a mailing address (only to be shared with your match up!)

you'll get your match no later than july 10.
at that point you can get to know your new blog friend and you'll be all set to go thrifting!
spending limit is $10, which is like lottery winnings at the right shop.
all packages should be in the mail no later than july 25.
*if it turns out you can't participate, please let carina know by july 20 so we can set your match up with another friend

get your blog posts ready with a full report of your thrifty love for a blog link up
on august 6th.

*this exchange is open to u.s. residents only this time around*

are you excited?! i thought so! now, grab a button on the right and get thrifting!

.heather .