Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 on 10 [our trip to Florida]

ten pictures. ten consecutive hours. on the tenth.
the fact that I finally remembered to do this is amazing because I usually forget
and then wish so bad later that I would’ve.
and I also feel bad a little that I took these with my phone
instead of my real camera.
but here’s the deal-io.
the 10th winded up being on Sunday
and I knew I would be up in church when I needed to get a quick pic.
so I kinda felt a bit better about taking one with my phone
than I did breaking bad with my big ole’ camera and everyone hearing the click_ 
seeing my lens_ etc.. don’t judge, just sayin’.

the fact that we ended up in Florida on the 10th was pretty awesome too.
it forced me to document more than I would have normally.

Waking up that morning to this view.

On our way to C3 for church.

Hubs getting to use his gift by leading worship.

Seeing this chandy at the Mexican restaurant we ate at afterwards. 
I want it in my house!

Hearing John Mayer’s new song when we got in the car.

Love is a verb…it really is.
 Because I need you to show me.

Finding this Starbuck’s as we were driving over to Celebration.

I had had zero cups of coffee that morning and the caffeine headache
had started to set in about this time.

Driving down a street in Celebration to visit friends.
It's been 3 years since we've seen them and so nice to catch up.
And you know they’re your friends when they invite you in their home
without knowing your coming.


Getting to eat at Cheesecake Factory.
Which is one of my all time favorites.
And splitting 5 different flavors of cheesecake….
Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup was my fave.

I was pretty excited to know that I was going to get to look and dream in Anthropologie.
forgetting that it was a Sunday a most malls close at 6pm.
my heart ached a little as I stared through the glass at all the mugs & dishtowels.
and once again as I strolled by Urban Outfitters….closed.

And here are a few extra shots just because they were some of my fave's from the trip.

raining as we drove in on Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

this one of middle. 
who is growing up way too fast.
never been more serious about that statement than i am today.

hubs and I eating at Longhorn Steakhouse….one of his fave’s.

the kids enjoying the hot tub….over & over & over..

swimming and tricks

getting to see Celebration_ reminiscing_ and missing the community there.

Waking up on our last morning in the hotel.
Ready to be back in our own beds_ with our own clean sheets…:)

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! I love Florid! We were just there last week! It went way too fast!!!!!

  2. i love your gorgeous set.
    your trip looks so wonderful.
    and your family looks like they really enjoyed themselves.
    and that you enjoyed them. :)
    and that cheesecake. (which i want now, btw!)

  3. Love your 10 on 10. Your trip to Florida looked fun! I want that cheesecake right now....LOVE cheesecake factory!

  4. Glad you had such a good time filled with fun and good food (as vacations should be)! Looks like you all made some great new memories :)

  5. 1. i used my phone too.
    2. this was my first month doing this also.
    3. i want to go to florida.

    that street with the palm trees look a lot like the streets in beverly hills. random i know.

  6. Oops, thank you for the reminder! We were away in DC and I totally forgot about 10 for 10, 10 on 10, etc. Great photos, looks like a great time was had by all!!