Tuesday, June 26, 2012

have you seen....

have you seen Chrissie's cute prints & such that she makes and sells in her shop called "in his grace"?
if not, then you must go check out her art!
i was super blessed by her when she contacted me and then sent me 2 of her prints.
the heart is going in our bedroom...a project i've been working on for the last couple of weeks.
and the other is probably going in one of the girls rooms.
i had a hard time picking bc each one is so colorful and great.

today we are relaxing_ unpacking_ and catching up on laundry.
our trip to mississippi was quick and seemed to fly by.
but we are so glad that we were able to go be with family and celebrate 
with my niece at her wedding.
hope you had a great weekend too.

happy tuesday!

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  1. so glad you got to be with your people! Is it October yet?

  2. Nice to know the connection. I follow you and Honey and wondered the connection! Seems like the wedding was beautiful!!!! It's always good to be home though!

  3. yes!! i have seen her artwork and actually have
    her shop bookmarked. i'm working on fixing up our hallway space
    and want to get some of her prints for it (so excited!):)

  4. LOVE her shop. obvi.
    love YOU, too. glad y'all could celebrate together.
    hooray for mississippi and marriage! :)

  5. those are really sweet, thanks for sharing!