Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Goodness

Fathers Day started out with breakfast in bed.
I made a German french toast the night before.
so it was an easy quick fix for us that was ready to stick in
the oven when we got up yesterday morning.

the kids brought it up to Jode in bed who was still snoozing.
we had stayed up pretty late the night before and he had no
idea they had this up their sleeve’s.

it was the kids idea to get him beef jerky (his favorite)
but it’s so stinkin expensive to get it on a regular basis.
and some pistachio’s another one of his favorite’s.

there were homemade cards that told him of their love.
and I had gotten him a new shirt that he could wear to church.
  I love for him to feel good and look smokin’.

we went and ate with friends for lunch
and came back home to this dessert.

later we spent some time by the pool.

and I managed to get this one picture of him with the kids.
I would’ve liked more but it just didn’t happen.

I thought of my own dad too.
wish he was still here to call up and talk to.

this is one of my favorite all time pictures of us.

I think I always just wanted to hold onto him tightly.
never quite feeling like I could.

thankful as always for my Father in heaven who holds us.
hope you had a great Father’s Day too.
Happy Monday.

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  1. the picture of you and your dad is adorable.
    i'm glad you all had a wonderful day.

    i need to know more about this german french toast.


  2. what a great day! i wish i'd gotten ONE picture of my kid with my hub but they weren't havin' it :)

  3. awww glad it was a good day!

    you must share your recipes!

  4. aww girl, the picture of you and your daddy made me cry. So sweet. I am glad we got to spend some time with y'all on Father's Day. We love hanging with the Holdens! xoxo

  5. With you on the one picture sister! I want to get better as picture, but its a fine line between just being the moments, and being consumed in trying to capture them, you know?

    i love your family. ya'll are so so cute.

    And we got B a shirt to wear sunday morning too! ;)

  6. Glad it was a good day for your Jode :) The picture of you and your dad is so sweet. He looks like he is treasuring that hug from you.