Friday, June 8, 2012

Dumpin' some Photos

It's been awhile since I've unloaded some of my insta-gram photos.
And literally my phone just the other day said i only had so much storage left...not good. 
the hubs was like you have way too much stuff on here and need to clean some things up.
to which he is so right. but i have trouble picking through which ones i need to take off. bc i always think well what if i need that one. like to show so and so later when i'm telling them about so and so.
but i did suck it up and just do it.

And ya'll have you had a chance to meet Katygirl from
Well if not, head over there asap bc she is one of the sweetest.
It''s her birthday and to celebrate she's having a give away every Friday in June.
And guess what that means?
Today is my day.... I'm giving away any item from my shop that you would want to pick!
So go stop by her blog_ wish her a happy day_ and enter to win one of my happys.

Have the greatest weekend!
Love to ya.


  1. seriously, i think i am going tio have to take in a picture of your hair next time i get mine done : ) ...which won't be for a while because it is usually too humid to even fix it in the summer. love those yellow toes! have a fantastic weekend.

  2. heather i want your hair!! the color, the length, the straightness. love it!