Monday, May 28, 2012

Easy Peezy Coconut Cake

Everyone's still asleep at the casa this morning so i thought I'd post real quick. 
Yesterday we went to a little cul-de-sac Memorial day /slash welcoming some new neighbors in the hood celebration. We had to bring a dessert and I brought over this easy peezy Coconut Cake. 
It's one of my families favorites and it got rave reviews. So here are the deets in case you need a last minute idea for that party your headed out to.

1-box of yellow cake mix
1-can condensed milk
1-can of Creme de Coconut (usually found in the international foods section)
1-large container Cool Whip

Follow the directions on the box for making your cake in a pan.
Take the condensed milk and the creme de coconut and mix together in a bowl. Set aside.
Once the cake is cooled, find some kind of round-ish object and poke holes all over the cake. Now pour that Coconut mixture into the holes filling them up until it's all gone.
Add your cool whip on top and refrigerate for 2-4 hours. The more chilled the better.

That's it. I told you it was easy peezy.
And for people like me who love coconut but don't like the string pieces of coconut it's perfect.

What was left of it....:)

I'm off to organize my craft room today. It has gotten so i can hardly walk in there.
The whole thing can be overwhelming for me so hubs is going to help get me get better organized.
That's one of his many strengths. Grateful for it too bc he's such a big help..:)

Have a great Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WIWSunday Edition

Most of you know the way I feel about Chevron. 
I love me some Chevron. So when I found this top with that print plus the brights for Summer on it and the fact that it was on the sale rack for $10. I knew it had my name all over it. This is what I winded up pairing it with. Oh, and don't you just love linen pants. I mean can you get any more comfortable. Linen and cotton blend make me feel as though I'm in my pj's.:)

Top: Belk
Tank: Kohl's
Pants: Old Navy
Sandals: Ross
Necklace: my shop

In other news. I switched my shop over from Big Cartel to Etsy yesterday. My Etsy name is hhappys. But you can still find me at It's just now the site is pointed to Etsy and so I feel as though I have the best of both worlds being able to keep my site and be on Etsy too. 
I love the network of people that come with being a part of Etsy. And so I'm excited about it's new launch!

I'm offering 15% off for my grand re-opening today thru Sunday. 
Use code ReLaunch to get your discount. I've added a lot of cute new things that I seriously want to keep one of each for myself. My girls keep trying to swipe things when I'm not looking, too. 
Middle lost one of her big back teeth 2 days ago and came to me and said "mom i know what i want from the tooth fairy." I just looked at her kind of strange bc we don't really do the tooth fairy anymore. And she said " i want a pair of your polka dot earrings". To which i completely melted and vowed to make her one of whatever she wants. 

We're doing the countdown.... 6 days of school left and we can't wait! 
This weekend the pool opens in our neighborhood...we're also looking forward to that. 
Middle has been able to swim for the past 2 weeks bc of being on the swim team but the other two have had to be tortured. How about you. Any big plans for the Memorial day weekend? I'm hoping to be back next week on regular schedule here. Thank you for stopping by_ thank you for always reading_ and thank you for the awesome comments you always leave me. Happy Wednesday ya'll!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feeling the Shift

over the next few weeks we have field day_ swim team practice_ soccer coming to a close_ 5th grade graduation_ end of the year parties_ and whew… busy. a good busy though.

last week I felt horrible. i’ve had the whole sinus-congestion thing going and by Friday my whole body was tingly and yuck feeling. thankful that today is much, much better and I can breathe through my nose again.

Mother’s day was awesome. i’m majorly spoiled by my loves and they treated me so well. there was homemade goodness from all 3, a new starbuck’s mug that I lu-ove, and an itunes gift card. now I can go load up on some new tunage I’ve been wanting to listen to on my phone.

and can I just say I can’t believe how big my kids are. everyday I think my son puts on another inch in height. he’s so tall_ way past me now and so super skinny. i still remember him with his little baby pudginess. but not anymore. it’s been transformed into long & lean, gelled hair combed to a severe side swoop, a change in the tone of his voice, and a shadow appearing atop his lip…..And middle is going through all the same. i see her waist that has taken shape_ the emotions_ and the little break-outs that come on her nose and chin now. 

youngest is still a baby to me and I sometimes wonder if I will always feel this way about her bc she is the actual baby. or if it’s bc she really still is. i’m going with it’s bc she really still is. but sometimes it does take my brain a day or too to catch up with reality. especially on things that are a little hard for me to swallow.

i still picture myself putting them into their car seats. so it’s crazy to see all the change happening with their bodies_ their shape_ the whole thing. i mean I know we all went through this but to see your own kids... to watch it before your very eyes is just so crazy sometimes. maybe it’s bc I still remember mine so vividly like it was yesterday. and scary…eeeek and I know with their growing and changing that I am too. my roots are a few shades darker than they ever have been. i see my neck and the age it’s starting to show. i also see their eyes. they’re watching. they always have. when they're babes you are their source for everything but with each year comes a little more independency _ and you feel the shift’s that come_ and I feel the shift of thinking of them as teenagers and looking to them as the adult they will eventually be. and I see them looking at me now with eyes more of an independent person. and the wanting in me so badly to try and make sure that I equip them with everything they need from us as parents. that I impart to them what little I know so that they can be a healthy individual.

I think about my niece, who was in diapers when I married Jode, graduate this week and I think “how is that even possible”. it’s wonderful and it’s exciting when I think about these things with my children but I love’m so much that I could smother’em. is that possible? can you smother your children from loving them so?  i want them so badly to be passionate about jesus and his purpose for their life and to pursue that God given purpose. bc that’s how they’ll find happiness. something not found of this world but in seeking him and his will. their ultimately his.. given to me to steward to the best of my ability.

change is always happening and change is good.

There’s been some changes in my shop too! can you do the polka? bc I can’t…I’m not even sure what that is but I do love me some POLKA DOTS and CHEVRON and GINGHAM and you get the point. so I’ve added some new things. i’ve added cute stud earrings and by the end of the week should have some rings in there, too.

something I’m really gah-gah over though is the new anniversary necklace. Jode and I next month celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary and that was the inspiration behind the necklace. I’m thankful for our 16 years together. marriage is hard at times and I want to celebrate it! So why not celebrate it with a necklace to wear around your neck.

and the “loved” necklace just represents the Father’s unending love for you. I want you to know…to remember that you are loved by Him_ always. So if you get a chance head over to the shop and check them out.

Love you guys’ to pieces…like Reece’s pieces. :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Picture Fail, Maybe?

So i've been participating each month in the Photo-a-day challenge. but for April i kind of jumped off the train. i was taking and doing and would forget to see what the prompt was for the day. but it was o.k. bc i still had plenty of things to take. and i think that's maybe the point. it gets you in the habit of finding those things around you that you can photograph until you just start to see and do it on your own. once again, May is here and i've found myself some days doing the prompt and some days just doing my own thang. so i failed in that i didn't follow all the prompt's for April but i succeeded in capturing a moment in a picture for each day. 
eh, and either way i'm happy. :)


 i hope each of the mama's in my life {my mom_ my mother in law_ my step mom_ my mawmaw}  have a happy & great mother's day.
And to each of you mama's reading, happy mama's day to you too.
have a beautimus and wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a work in progress

I am a child of god and i'm also a work in progress. my prayer_ my want_ is to always be.
i want change in me. i hope that you're always able to see change in me _ thru me. 
i don’t want to be that person someone looks at or sees 10 years from now and says “you haven’t changed a bit” nope, I want to be different.
bc he has been the difference.
even if it’s the difference I’ll be for my kids in their lives. 

i do not claim to know nor have it all together. but I am seeking his face_ drawing nearer to him_ listening for his voice and learning to receive his grace that’s offered me daily. 
something I’ve found hard at times to do. and i’m going to mess up.
i’m going to have an awful attitude at times.
but then there’s God who says I’m worthy not worthless despite it all. he never throws in the towel bc of my sin or says “I’ve about had it with this one right here. she wants the best out of life and expects me to bless her. I think i’m about done with her. she just has it too good” lol no… he’s our dad, our Father and why wouldn’t He want so much more for us. in fact, he says in spite of it all_ what you did_ what your doing_ what you’ll ever do… I still love you. he gives me do-over’s every new day when we don’t get that luxury a lot of times with people.
and I don’t have the answers but I look to the one who does.
the one who never lets go of our hand.
the one who has overcome the world.

Jode and i decided years ago that we weren’t accepting mediocre or settling for mundane. why would we? when we serve a God who is able to do exceedingly far more than we could ever imagine. that is hope. that means we don’t have to be miserable in our lives. we were created for a purpose with a purpose.

as unhealthy chains of past sinfulness & shame are broken I can feel the shift. I’m feeling the freedom from it all as old ways_ old thought processes and lies that I’ve believed about myself are unraveled and exposed. laid bare. only God can bring about life and restoration when things are brought into the light. it’s when things go hidden that it gives power to and over us.

in truth we don’t need many things in life but I NEED more of jesus. 

also, I love worship music. ugh,hmm and I may just sing it at the top of my lungs when I’m by myself or when the kids are in the car with me in car line… just because. it truly can be the difference maker in my day. I’ve noticed it with my kids, too when having it on in the house. especially, in the evenings when things can get a little frazzled. there’s a difference. and too, I love hearing their mouths sing out truth. makes my heart swell. 

sometimes I get tired of my same rotation of music, though. i need something fresh_ something new. so I was going to put youtube videos on here of some new favorites i've found but instead figured I’d just give you the links. Annnnnd I’m hoping you’ll tell me some of your favorite’s. i would love to know or maybe something fresh & new you’ve found recently.

“my one defense
my righteousness
oh god how I need you”

“lifted up
defeated the grave
raised to life
our god is able
in his name we overcome
for the lord our god is able”

“give me faith to trust what you say
that your good and your love is great
I’m broken inside
I give you my life

I need you
all I am I surrender

I may be weak
but your spirits strong in me
my flesh may fail but my god you never will”

**And lastly, I just found All Sons and Daughters and to say that they’re awesome is an understatement. such goodness in their music. go give them a listen.

"your peace is the melody
you sing it over me now
i need a reason to sing
i need to know your still holding the whole world in your hand
and that is my reason to sing"

"shout it
go on and scream it from the mountains
go on and tell it to the masses
that he is god
we will sing out hallelujah
we will cry out hallelujah"

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oooh, that Smell!

I sometimes get lost in my thoughts and sometimes I think about how much changing I’ve done. 
for instance, with veggies. i used to hate peas oh, and broccoli you could just forget about it. ew, ew or guacamole that’s a good one. i couldn’t hardly handle watching people eat it, let alone eat it myself. totally grossed me out. but now all those green veggies not only do I like them but I crave certain ones. Lately, I’ve been on a guacamole kick and now I’ve gotten my kids to even like it. that makes me giggle inside bc aren’t avocadoes like one of the super foods or something? healthy goodness for their insides.

all this thinking about change leads me to magnolias. 
I’m not sure what it is but recently I realized how I can’t get enough of them. 

a few months ago we purchased the Method brand Magnolia body wash from Target. 
Best decision ever. i would get a whiff as I kissed my kids on their cheeks tucking them into bed. or smelling the after effects that would hang in the air from taking a shower. and it was clean and fresh and it made me think of pretty and maybe even sweet southern nights. as I’m writing this I just remembered ya’ll agh! I carried a magnolia bouquet in my wedding. lol can’t believe I didn’t remember that till now. my Aunt Sanny made it. she made all the flowers used for my wedding bc she’s kinda uber talented with floral arranging and probably should’ve had her own shop!

anywho, so I’m not a real perfumey kinda gal but I do like to smell subtly pretty. not like the burn your nose_ give you a headache from the fumes coming off me kindI’ve tried that but decided long ago that its’ just not me.  so with Mothers day coming I was thinking of what I may want bc I know hubs is going to ask. and I think it’s safe to say I want something in magnolia. i’ve been doing some research and so far this is what I’ve come up with. this perfume from Anthropologie.

                or this candle

or this line of fragrance carried at Macy’s that’s made by Madonna. who knew?

i haven’t smelled any of them in person. all I know is that I really want to walk around smelling like the magnolia tree I just realized we have in our front yard. i found one flower bloomed out on it but for the others it looks like there fullness is still to come. so don’t hold out on me. do you have any magnolia scents_ candles_ etc that you’ve found? 

i’m going to keep looking and see what all I can find. but today I’m thankful. thankful for that magnolia tree that sits in my yard as a reminder. 
Jesus loves me. & you, this I know. 
Happy Thursday!