Friday, May 11, 2012

Picture Fail, Maybe?

So i've been participating each month in the Photo-a-day challenge. but for April i kind of jumped off the train. i was taking and doing and would forget to see what the prompt was for the day. but it was o.k. bc i still had plenty of things to take. and i think that's maybe the point. it gets you in the habit of finding those things around you that you can photograph until you just start to see and do it on your own. once again, May is here and i've found myself some days doing the prompt and some days just doing my own thang. so i failed in that i didn't follow all the prompt's for April but i succeeded in capturing a moment in a picture for each day. 
eh, and either way i'm happy. :)


 i hope each of the mama's in my life {my mom_ my mother in law_ my step mom_ my mawmaw}  have a happy & great mother's day.
And to each of you mama's reading, happy mama's day to you too.
have a beautimus and wonderful weekend.


  1. happy mothers day right back! I spotted the coconut oil...I have been seeing that everywhere!

  2. Your photo collage makes me happy!! I love the one of the VW Bug!! Happy Mother's Day too!! Oh, I called my mom's stepmom, Maw Maw too. She raised me along with my mother.

  3. haha well you still were extremely productive! I love all of these!!! Such a fun variety!