Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feeling the Shift

over the next few weeks we have field day_ swim team practice_ soccer coming to a close_ 5th grade graduation_ end of the year parties_ and whew… busy. a good busy though.

last week I felt horrible. i’ve had the whole sinus-congestion thing going and by Friday my whole body was tingly and yuck feeling. thankful that today is much, much better and I can breathe through my nose again.

Mother’s day was awesome. i’m majorly spoiled by my loves and they treated me so well. there was homemade goodness from all 3, a new starbuck’s mug that I lu-ove, and an itunes gift card. now I can go load up on some new tunage I’ve been wanting to listen to on my phone.

and can I just say I can’t believe how big my kids are. everyday I think my son puts on another inch in height. he’s so tall_ way past me now and so super skinny. i still remember him with his little baby pudginess. but not anymore. it’s been transformed into long & lean, gelled hair combed to a severe side swoop, a change in the tone of his voice, and a shadow appearing atop his lip…..And middle is going through all the same. i see her waist that has taken shape_ the emotions_ and the little break-outs that come on her nose and chin now. 

youngest is still a baby to me and I sometimes wonder if I will always feel this way about her bc she is the actual baby. or if it’s bc she really still is. i’m going with it’s bc she really still is. but sometimes it does take my brain a day or too to catch up with reality. especially on things that are a little hard for me to swallow.

i still picture myself putting them into their car seats. so it’s crazy to see all the change happening with their bodies_ their shape_ the whole thing. i mean I know we all went through this but to see your own kids... to watch it before your very eyes is just so crazy sometimes. maybe it’s bc I still remember mine so vividly like it was yesterday. and scary…eeeek and I know with their growing and changing that I am too. my roots are a few shades darker than they ever have been. i see my neck and the age it’s starting to show. i also see their eyes. they’re watching. they always have. when they're babes you are their source for everything but with each year comes a little more independency _ and you feel the shift’s that come_ and I feel the shift of thinking of them as teenagers and looking to them as the adult they will eventually be. and I see them looking at me now with eyes more of an independent person. and the wanting in me so badly to try and make sure that I equip them with everything they need from us as parents. that I impart to them what little I know so that they can be a healthy individual.

I think about my niece, who was in diapers when I married Jode, graduate this week and I think “how is that even possible”. it’s wonderful and it’s exciting when I think about these things with my children but I love’m so much that I could smother’em. is that possible? can you smother your children from loving them so?  i want them so badly to be passionate about jesus and his purpose for their life and to pursue that God given purpose. bc that’s how they’ll find happiness. something not found of this world but in seeking him and his will. their ultimately his.. given to me to steward to the best of my ability.

change is always happening and change is good.

There’s been some changes in my shop too! can you do the polka? bc I can’t…I’m not even sure what that is but I do love me some POLKA DOTS and CHEVRON and GINGHAM and you get the point. so I’ve added some new things. i’ve added cute stud earrings and by the end of the week should have some rings in there, too.

something I’m really gah-gah over though is the new anniversary necklace. Jode and I next month celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary and that was the inspiration behind the necklace. I’m thankful for our 16 years together. marriage is hard at times and I want to celebrate it! So why not celebrate it with a necklace to wear around your neck.

and the “loved” necklace just represents the Father’s unending love for you. I want you to know…to remember that you are loved by Him_ always. So if you get a chance head over to the shop and check them out.

Love you guys’ to pieces…like Reece’s pieces. :)


  1. heather those necklaces!! GORGEOUS

  2. I love the anniversary necklace for sure!

  3. Your anniversary is my birthday! I just emailed my husband the link of that necklace so he can be aware of it for future occasions. ;)

  4. I'm glad you can breathe through your nose again ;) And I knew we were meant to be friends, I love shopping and playing games too, lol

  5. Love you too girlie!! What a sweet post. I am working on something very similar to what you posted. I am glad you had a nice Mama's Day with your fam. Have a great week and Congrats to your niece.

  6. That's my birthday, June 22 ;) I stinking love that neckace! And the new earrings!

  7. love!! you, and all this beauty.


  8. Love those necklaces! What a great idea...