Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a work in progress

I am a child of god and i'm also a work in progress. my prayer_ my want_ is to always be.
i want change in me. i hope that you're always able to see change in me _ thru me. 
i don’t want to be that person someone looks at or sees 10 years from now and says “you haven’t changed a bit” nope, I want to be different.
bc he has been the difference.
even if it’s the difference I’ll be for my kids in their lives. 

i do not claim to know nor have it all together. but I am seeking his face_ drawing nearer to him_ listening for his voice and learning to receive his grace that’s offered me daily. 
something I’ve found hard at times to do. and i’m going to mess up.
i’m going to have an awful attitude at times.
but then there’s God who says I’m worthy not worthless despite it all. he never throws in the towel bc of my sin or says “I’ve about had it with this one right here. she wants the best out of life and expects me to bless her. I think i’m about done with her. she just has it too good” lol no… he’s our dad, our Father and why wouldn’t He want so much more for us. in fact, he says in spite of it all_ what you did_ what your doing_ what you’ll ever do… I still love you. he gives me do-over’s every new day when we don’t get that luxury a lot of times with people.
and I don’t have the answers but I look to the one who does.
the one who never lets go of our hand.
the one who has overcome the world.

Jode and i decided years ago that we weren’t accepting mediocre or settling for mundane. why would we? when we serve a God who is able to do exceedingly far more than we could ever imagine. that is hope. that means we don’t have to be miserable in our lives. we were created for a purpose with a purpose.

as unhealthy chains of past sinfulness & shame are broken I can feel the shift. I’m feeling the freedom from it all as old ways_ old thought processes and lies that I’ve believed about myself are unraveled and exposed. laid bare. only God can bring about life and restoration when things are brought into the light. it’s when things go hidden that it gives power to and over us.

in truth we don’t need many things in life but I NEED more of jesus. 

also, I love worship music. ugh,hmm and I may just sing it at the top of my lungs when I’m by myself or when the kids are in the car with me in car line… just because. it truly can be the difference maker in my day. I’ve noticed it with my kids, too when having it on in the house. especially, in the evenings when things can get a little frazzled. there’s a difference. and too, I love hearing their mouths sing out truth. makes my heart swell. 

sometimes I get tired of my same rotation of music, though. i need something fresh_ something new. so I was going to put youtube videos on here of some new favorites i've found but instead figured I’d just give you the links. Annnnnd I’m hoping you’ll tell me some of your favorite’s. i would love to know or maybe something fresh & new you’ve found recently.

“my one defense
my righteousness
oh god how I need you”

“lifted up
defeated the grave
raised to life
our god is able
in his name we overcome
for the lord our god is able”

“give me faith to trust what you say
that your good and your love is great
I’m broken inside
I give you my life

I need you
all I am I surrender

I may be weak
but your spirits strong in me
my flesh may fail but my god you never will”

**And lastly, I just found All Sons and Daughters and to say that they’re awesome is an understatement. such goodness in their music. go give them a listen.

"your peace is the melody
you sing it over me now
i need a reason to sing
i need to know your still holding the whole world in your hand
and that is my reason to sing"

"shout it
go on and scream it from the mountains
go on and tell it to the masses
that he is god
we will sing out hallelujah
we will cry out hallelujah"

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  1. Hello! I'm visiting through the link up! And I was blessed to have come across your blog. :)

    Following you...keep posting and inspire more readers!


  2. yes! lovely post! ~ My husband leads worship...music is such a ministry...I find worship yo be such a blessing!

    A few of my fav's currently are : All I need by Lincoln Brewster...times by tenth ave north...so many more! I love david crowder and jars of clay on pandora :)

  3. I'm loving Jamie Grace and Dara Maclean lately!

  4. Give me faith. No words. Love that song. Gets me every time.

    Love you.

  5. All my fountains, one of my favs! anything by Hillsong. I'm loving Jimmy Needham right now. Kari Jobe.
    Check out "I Know Your Here" by Jeff Chandler. He's the worship leader at my church. It's such a great song.
    Also, there's nothing better than hearing one of my kids sing worship music. Sometimes they don't even know they are doing it. Love!

  6. Those are some great songs!! I love this post, because this is the season I am in. What a blessing to be able to speak and live in truth. You should also take a listen to Mary Mary's new one Go Get It, Lecrae Rehab(your son might like this, gospel rap), Jamie Grace, Deitrick Haddon, Revealed. These are just a few oh, and of course anything by Third Day!! Miss you!!