Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WIWSunday Edition

Most of you know the way I feel about Chevron. 
I love me some Chevron. So when I found this top with that print plus the brights for Summer on it and the fact that it was on the sale rack for $10. I knew it had my name all over it. This is what I winded up pairing it with. Oh, and don't you just love linen pants. I mean can you get any more comfortable. Linen and cotton blend make me feel as though I'm in my pj's.:)

Top: Belk
Tank: Kohl's
Pants: Old Navy
Sandals: Ross
Necklace: my shop

In other news. I switched my shop over from Big Cartel to Etsy yesterday. My Etsy name is hhappys. But you can still find me at It's just now the site is pointed to Etsy and so I feel as though I have the best of both worlds being able to keep my site and be on Etsy too. 
I love the network of people that come with being a part of Etsy. And so I'm excited about it's new launch!

I'm offering 15% off for my grand re-opening today thru Sunday. 
Use code ReLaunch to get your discount. I've added a lot of cute new things that I seriously want to keep one of each for myself. My girls keep trying to swipe things when I'm not looking, too. 
Middle lost one of her big back teeth 2 days ago and came to me and said "mom i know what i want from the tooth fairy." I just looked at her kind of strange bc we don't really do the tooth fairy anymore. And she said " i want a pair of your polka dot earrings". To which i completely melted and vowed to make her one of whatever she wants. 

We're doing the countdown.... 6 days of school left and we can't wait! 
This weekend the pool opens in our neighborhood...we're also looking forward to that. 
Middle has been able to swim for the past 2 weeks bc of being on the swim team but the other two have had to be tortured. How about you. Any big plans for the Memorial day weekend? I'm hoping to be back next week on regular schedule here. Thank you for stopping by_ thank you for always reading_ and thank you for the awesome comments you always leave me. Happy Wednesday ya'll!

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  1. Cute top and I love the necklace.

  2. Your jewelry is sooooo cute! I have a weakness for jewelry at the moment. I ended up buying my own mother's day gift, because I went a little overboard while shopping my mom & MIL.

    As for our memorial day weekend, we're headed to Michigan to see my sister. Her two oldest are graduating high school tomorrow. We don't leave till tomorrow night though, so we'll miss the actual graduation. We'll see how a 12 hour drive goes with a 7 month old. At least on the way there she should sleep the whole way, that's at least what we're hoping for.

    Hope you are having a glorious week! And I hope you have a great extended weekend!

  3. Hey Lovely, looking cute. We need to chat soon. Congrats on the new shop over at Etsy, I will stop by soon. Let's plan our little meet up now that school is over. Do you think a Saturday would work? Let me know.

  4. You are so beautiful!! 6 days of school... so close!!! It's funny to hear that the pool opens up soon, ours never close :)

  5. i love this top!! what a great find!!!

  6. You've been busy lady! LOVE the new pretties in your shop! And I love your chevron shirt, you certainly can rock that look!

  7. Super cute shirt! I don't think i could pull off
    Chevron as good you!

  8. Your so cute girl, love the pants! Glad your on Etsy now too :) I'll be adding you to my circle. Hooray for summer countdown, I can't wait til my Hubsy and boys are home for the summer!

  9. love those earrings, so cute! summer is so close for you...not long now! yay!!

  10. I LOVE LOVE that top. You look adorable. You are beautiful.
    I love all of your new pieces!! I want some polka dot earrings too!!! ;)