Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oooh, that Smell!

I sometimes get lost in my thoughts and sometimes I think about how much changing I’ve done. 
for instance, with veggies. i used to hate peas oh, and broccoli you could just forget about it. ew, ew or guacamole that’s a good one. i couldn’t hardly handle watching people eat it, let alone eat it myself. totally grossed me out. but now all those green veggies not only do I like them but I crave certain ones. Lately, I’ve been on a guacamole kick and now I’ve gotten my kids to even like it. that makes me giggle inside bc aren’t avocadoes like one of the super foods or something? healthy goodness for their insides.

all this thinking about change leads me to magnolias. 
I’m not sure what it is but recently I realized how I can’t get enough of them. 

a few months ago we purchased the Method brand Magnolia body wash from Target. 
Best decision ever. i would get a whiff as I kissed my kids on their cheeks tucking them into bed. or smelling the after effects that would hang in the air from taking a shower. and it was clean and fresh and it made me think of pretty and maybe even sweet southern nights. as I’m writing this I just remembered ya’ll agh! I carried a magnolia bouquet in my wedding. lol can’t believe I didn’t remember that till now. my Aunt Sanny made it. she made all the flowers used for my wedding bc she’s kinda uber talented with floral arranging and probably should’ve had her own shop!

anywho, so I’m not a real perfumey kinda gal but I do like to smell subtly pretty. not like the burn your nose_ give you a headache from the fumes coming off me kindI’ve tried that but decided long ago that its’ just not me.  so with Mothers day coming I was thinking of what I may want bc I know hubs is going to ask. and I think it’s safe to say I want something in magnolia. i’ve been doing some research and so far this is what I’ve come up with. this perfume from Anthropologie.

                or this candle

or this line of fragrance carried at Macy’s that’s made by Madonna. who knew?

i haven’t smelled any of them in person. all I know is that I really want to walk around smelling like the magnolia tree I just realized we have in our front yard. i found one flower bloomed out on it but for the others it looks like there fullness is still to come. so don’t hold out on me. do you have any magnolia scents_ candles_ etc that you’ve found? 

i’m going to keep looking and see what all I can find. but today I’m thankful. thankful for that magnolia tree that sits in my yard as a reminder. 
Jesus loves me. & you, this I know. 
Happy Thursday!


  1. your wedding picture! look at that train!!!!!!!!! and I am not a perfume-y girl either

  2. I love lingering smells too. Not the over powering type, but the kind that lasts all day or you get a wiff here and there. Love the wedding pic!

  3. I just hopped over here from Kelly's Korner. I creeped for awhile (I mean, that's one of the joys of blogging, right?! ;)). You have a beautiful family and your blog is delightful and refreshing. Have a great day!

  4. Hi! I came over from KK. I am a Greenville Girl too. Isn't our town the best!

  5. Hey! I came from KK too. I'm a fellow Carolina Girl...but from Columbia! :) It's nice to "meet" you. I'm looking forward to following along and getting to know you. Cute blog!! :)