Friday, June 29, 2012

For His Glory

I would be lying to you if I sat here and said that living away from family has been easy or fun. it's not. but i believe it has made me and Jode into the family we are today. we have clung to each other and learned so much.

the saying goodbye and knowing when we will see each other again is a little easier. than the saying goodbye and not knowing when we might get to see each other again. whether it be due to financial reasons or job obligations. and there have been those times.

MIL & Me_ Cousins_ Cousins_ Niece & SIL
I think it was after my dad’s death when I became the most aware of how precious our time together was…is.  i’m not trying to be depressing here, but it’s true. the not knowing if it was the last time I may hug my mom or my mother-in-law’s neck.

the loading up_ the holding of hands and prayer before we drove off_ the tight hugs and extra squeezes_ it would get me every time. it started with the prayer usually led by my father-in-law, BIL, or Jode before we would all disburse and go our separate ways. all of the gratitude_the thankfulness knowing the grace that has been given us would rise up from the inside and sit right in my throat. the more I tried to fight it back the tears would eventually always come.

Me & Steph (SIL)

I’ve shared about what the Lord has done in my life_ what He’s done in our family. I write about us weekly and hopefully, you see threads of him interwoven all throughout of his faithfulness, blessing, and working in our life.

but our extended family also, each have individual testimonies of God’s love and grace. and when you get us all together _ put us all in a room together_ when we sit next to each other taking up 2 rows of pews it is something so sweet and can be overwhelming for me. i look from face to face and I’m reminded of God’s goodness and mercy. it stares back at me.

Kids with MawMaw

Kids with cousin

Jode_his dad_ middle brother_ oldest brother

so that’s why the tears come. i’m not sad. in fact it’s just the opposite. i’m filled with joy and humbled all at the same time bc I know_ I know how we don’t deserve any of it but yet he chose to put us all together. and for that I’m thankful and overwhelmed.

do we get on each others nerves? or have disagreements? well sure. and we know as long as we (all of us) are part of something it’s gonna be jacked up at times. because we’re human. the difference being there’s forgiveness_ there’s love offered. and at the end of the day we have a bond and a reason to celebrate_ we’re family.

the settling back in at home within the quietness is hard to get back adjusted too. when there has been a house full of cousins, aunts, uncles, pallets all over the floor, not enough bathrooms available, hearing hunting story after hunting story told, laughing about old times, watching our kids sing and put on shows, hearing the boys wrestle, and eating all of mawmaws good cooking.
but we look forward to the next time with great anticipation.
we each look up to Him and follow His direction.
and pray that He always get’s the glory.


  1. This is wonderful. Family is priceless.

  2. your family sound phenomenal. i'm so glad you had time with them.
    God is good!

  3. What a beautiful post about your family. I didn't realize that Steph is your SIL! I've been following her blog for awhile now.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. ahh this had me crying girl. Ive just been dealing with this emotion this week...we are only three hours away from or family, but it is still distance. We lost Parker's dad very suddenly 2 years ago so I understand what you are saying, about the urgency to hug tighter and be closer. You are so beautiful, inside and out. SO happy we are getting closer and cant wait to hang in the Fall!! love you friend. :) thanks for sharing your precious heart.

  5. Such a wonderful and well-written post. You have a beautiful family--That is evident in their relationships with each other and God. I know you miss the extended ones on a daily basis. I live far from my family and you're's not easy. I hope you adjust back to "normal" without too much heartache.

  6. I love you. Now I'm crying. God is so good to do what He has done in our family. I'm trusting Him as He has us all scattered in so many different places.... For His glory.

  7. i know exactly what you mean. my family hasn't been together in 15 years... when we moved to the united states in 97 and most of us stayed behind in costa rica. there have been a few times when a majority of us are together and even though we miss those who aren't it is always bittersweet to know that time together will have to end. back to real life, longing for that next "reunion"... blessings to you and your family! at least there's always IG, skype, twitter, facebook, etc. :)

  8. Ok so I had no idea you and stephanie were related! I know.

    Sweet post!

    my husband and I live about 5 mins form both sides of our family 90 % of the time is it lovely...but sometimes it would be nice just to take our little family of 5 and move away :)

  9. love.

    blesses me to read about such healing and joy.

    thank you.