Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Remembering June

i love my insta-pics... they are the jam{uh, hmmm hannah}.

 thank the Lord for cell phones with cameras that at any time you can catch the moment. 
like when your vacationing in a car for 9 hours and you need something to do. waalah.... 
insta-pic of your feet propped up on the dashboard. you know you've done that. don't lie. 
or a good one of the kids fighting in the back seat. or drool coming out their mouths as they sleep.
gabi's first swim meet. getting my hair did. kayli girl. neely. me & gab.

earrings from hannah. coffee in my fav mug. me & kayli. fixing up dad's hair. stud man making a fire.

kayli's freckles. neely boy getting big. strawberry smoothies. prints from aly. new cup.

low angle of neely. what i wore. chipmunks on the porch. going to Ms. straightening iron burn.

me & hubs pic for anniversary. us at lydia's wedding. atlanta coke. church. billy button flowers for the wedding.

making cupcakes at mawmaw's. bible study in the morning. gab & neely. signage. gray man
it keeps me busy when i'm bored.
it also helps me document our lives.
and one of the best things yet again...are the people.
seriously, i've met some great people through insta-gram. even met some in person.
and some i may never have the opportunity to meet here.
but at least i can now say i know Richelle & Jami in Ca.
amd Sarah in Ok. and Laura in Tx and Danielle in NY.
pictures... they say a thousand words and bring us all together.
I love me some insta-gram.

happy tuesday!



  1. Beautiful family!

    I wish I had your hair!!! It's beautiful!

    What in the world did we do before iphones?!?!?!

  2. I was just telling my husband about my swim team days and how we used to cover ourselves in permanent marker on saturday mornings...eat my bubbles!

  3. your dress for the wedding looks beauticious! that lace! and your hair. gimme please.

  4. Hey sweet girl! How are you? I am loving the insta-s. Hubs' hair is awesome! LOL Fun times!

  5. Love me some instagram too! Just started it a week ago, such a fun quick way to capture the everyday and connect :)
    Neely is getting so big, and you family is adorable as always!
    Excited to be following you now!

  6. I love all of your pictures and am so glad we are friends on there. I love seeing snipits of your life!

  7. so enjoy following along with you heather, June sure was a crazy busy month, wasn't it?!

    any other plans this summer?