Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10 on 10 { july 2012 }

this day, this whole week has felt a little strange. i’ve felt a little off.
for instance, when I get in the car to go somewhere I keep feeling like there’s something forgotten or like I didn’t turn my curling iron off. something of that sort and kind. but I know what it is. my kids aren’t here. they’re at mawmaw’s for a few days and so it feels odd.

i miss them to pieces. even the annoying things like their fussing & fighting. but I’m also enjoying this time. funny how you can do both at the same time. miss them so much yet have such fun just jode & i, the two of us. enjoying the conversation that we can have about future opportunities. about life. lots of times this convo gets pushed off because of more pressing things that need to be tended to with the kids. conversation that happens when my eyes are just about to shut in bed or when taking a drive in the car and all are pre-occupied. so it’s been nice. it’s a blessing…. this time. I try to remind myself of that when the guilt starts to creep in. because at the end of the day it all comes back to him and I.

i've been taking this opportunity to do some thrifting too. you know while the kids are away mom will play. talk about treasures. i found some treasure this week that makes my heart start to race. is it just me or when you pull up to a thrift store and see it packed with cars do you get the urge to run? i always feel like I need to hurry and get in. because someone may be getting some good thing that I really want or need. like when I found the prettiest yellow and white rug. now I know we’re not talking about vintage goodness here but I’ve been eyeing that very rug at Target for months. even carried it around the store only to talk myself out of it. all because I hated to spend the $25. so when I spotted it on an end cap in Goodwill for $6 still with the tags i thought it must be a mistake. someone must've layed it down accidentally and as I picked it up, seriously thought someone would come tell me it was not for sale.

 10 on 10 forces me to look for special moments throughout my day and that’s the real treasure. the real goodness. the kind that holds no price tag. i’m thankful for it all. including the treasure found in stores. but on these days not only can I reflect on what I did but I get to see through these photos so much more. there's so much more....


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  1. great set!! love the shot of the rain boots and the rain!!

  2. I really like that rug. Such a GREAT find!!! Your pictures are so bright and cheery!!!

  3. aww that little puppy is adorable! I LOVE IT! and that pic with the rain boots and window is a perfect description on a rainy day!


  4. Glad your getting in some good you and hubby time, that can so often get overlooked. Enjoy it. I know you will be refreshed when your kids get back home :)

  5. I am glad that you are getting some sweet time with Jode. I feel the same way when my kids are away (even for a few hours). I love the time alone and then feel guilty that I am enjoying it!

  6. Love that owl mug!

    Also what a great goodwill find with that rug. I never find anything that good. Then again I don't get out to goodwill very often either.

    Hope you're enjoying your time with just the hubby!

  7. Pretty photos! I love that floral fabric, it's so pretty. And what a great Goodwill find, I love that rug!

  8. That rug is like crazy amazing wonderful goodness. Love it when that happens.
    And I can't wait to meet Neely in person.

  9. your post reminded me that i missed 10 on 10. darn. maybe next month :)
    ok, that floral tablecloth.. did you find that at goodwill?? it is just gorgeous!
    i feel like that when i'm away from my kids.. i can't quite focus and feel so jittery. enjoy your time though :)

  10. Lovely rug! I have missed my 10 on 10 for the last few months!! I am off my game a bit.

    I have been hitting up the GW too and have found a few cute clothing items! Have fun while the kids are away, they are fine and great times await when they get back.

    Miss you! We should have planned a little date day while they were gone! Shucks!;)

  11. Luh-huv that shot of the rainboots.

    I know what you mean about feeling off. I too have been feeling a lil off the past two weeks and can probably pin point it to some work related stresses. Oh well. At least today is Friday :)

    And yes, I also run into the thrift or if I walk in and see a crowd of people in the area that I want to hit, I get nervous and move as if I'm on "Super Market Sweep" with my shopping cart to that

  12. Those lights are so unique. Did you find them somewhere or wrap them in something yourself?

    I'm a new follower. I found you through Shane's Coast to Coast Map, I'm in Spartanburg. I'd love for you to pop by and join up with my Palmetto Bloggers group! We're having a meet-up in September.