Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Days

these days of recent I’ve tried to sit and write_ tried to pen a post.
but couldn’t.
i kept hearing that inner voice say step away from the computer heather.
so I would, I did.

so much to do, but not anything real pressing.
just the knowing that we have 3 more weeks before we have to get up_
get out of our pj’s and into real clothes_ have to be back on a schedule.

i know the days are coming when I will miss having them in the house with me.
and I’ll be able to write or do whatever and right now all of the other can wait.
here's a little of what we've been up to.

we’ve had sleep late days
and pancakes to fill our bellies for breakfast.

played games of their choice.
which always wind’s up being Life.

we’ve colored.

and as of recent been turned on to Netflix.
which is bad and good all wrapped up into one.

with the heat out everyone’s been fine with staying indoors.
so we’ve found some shows on there, old movies, documentaries that the kids really like and have stayed up to 12 and 1am watching every night.

this week we’ll start shopping for school.
getting all their supplies, picking out the just right book sack, and getting fresh hair cuts.

summer days are coming to an end.
so we're soaking every little bit up.

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  1. i wish summer didn't go by so fast.

  2. I can't believe summer is flying by so fast - where's the pause button?!? Glad to see you're enjoying the last of it ;)

  3. Yes girl, tick tock goes the clock. They will all be back in school before we know it. We have had some fun lazy days too. My guys are already counting the days down til they go back. I keep telling them to slow down and don't wish their lives away.

    Enjoy the last few weeks friend! Miss you!

  4. "Life" was always my favorite game growing up!

    I found your blog from the link party. Your newest follower!

  5. i'm so jealous that you get to shop for back to school. that's what i miss about being a student. can i go shopping for your kids? hehe. ps. your house is beautiful friend. xoxo

  6. Ugh, don't remind me-we go back in about 3 weeks too. However, hubby has a week of youth camp, then the day after he gets home we leave for Central America(without the girls), and 4 days after we arrive home the girls and I go back to school! After this week our summer will technically be over. I'm so sad!{sniff sniff}

  7. Sounds like your summer days are dreamy :) Such a blessing to have all that time with them, glad you are soaking up the last bits! I used to ADORE the game of LIFE too, we had the old board of my mother's from when she was a kid.

  8. that's exactly me, too, heather. thinking that I should post something but then being pulled away by remembering how crazy fast the summer is flying by....and wanting to soak it up!
    may it slow down for us all!
    love to you.

  9. I can't believe it's already August even though, for me, July felt pretty long. Summer always goes by too fast.

    Stopping by from link party. Great blog! Nice to 'meet' you!

  10. Its so bittersweet when summer ends..I too have been away from the computer, it feels good :) I think in my head about posts that I "want" to do and then I'd rather just swim and watch tv with my boys :) It has really HIT me hard this summer just how fast they grow up and how fast the time goes..DO.NOT.LIKE.IT!!

  11. ok, seriously...this could have been a post about my family. Wish we lived next door to each other. We start school on the 23rd and I'm not sure I'll be able to get out of bed on time. Love you!!!

  12. oooohhh... You have the new fancy version of Life. Our family loves playing that! It's always my daughter's goal to fill her car with as many kids as possible.. Ha!

    I will cry when school starts, because even with the sibling bickering going on, I still miss them so much.