Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not a care in the world

This is how we feel when we go the beach...not a care in the world.
time seems to go slower
getting to play & have fun
 the sun soaking into our skin
hearing laughter
smelling the sunscreen
feeling the ocean breezes
we get to really take in God's creation
He tells the waves and water where to stop
He knows every grain of sand
He surrounds in every way 

you can see for miles
there looks to be no end
the same is His love 

we stick our hands & feet in the sand

piggyback rides are given

football is played

nights are spent out looking for crabs

and we watch the sun come up
while putting our thoughts to paper

This is what we look like when we think of the beach...

I'm linking up with the Anderson Crew for the 4th picture from bottom. 
Me and the kiddos with wind swept beach hair.:)


Heather :)


  1. what memorable moments! thank you for sharing your thoughts and the beautiful pictures! {hopped over from gussy}

  2. i love the beach too! are you at the outer banks? that's where we go every summer--LOVE!

  3. oh, I love these photos Heather! :) thanks for stopping by my blog. Rebecca

  4. so true, the beach is magical! Fun photos

  5. Hi there, I just started reading your blog yesterday and Ive read every single entry (is that weired?) :) I have to say Im in love with your family. I admire you and think you are a wonderful women, wife, mother and follower in Christ. I think you write beautifully and from the heart and that is admirable.
    I also have to say I LOVE your style and all your accessories. Do you make and sell them to others? I would love to buy some.
    Anywho just wanted to say Hello and tell you I think you are great.
    Have a blessed day.
    Now a dedicated follower from Virginia,
    Erin :)

  6. Fun pictures! I really admire your family.

  7. These pictures are so fun! Beach pictures are my fav =)

  8. Love the pics girl and having everyone write down their thoughts on the sunrise....those will be sweet treasures in the years to come.
    If I had been at home with all my archives, A pic or two from our family beach trips together mighta popped up on my blog ;) That seems like a lifetime ago.

  9. beautiful post heather!! I love the picture of yalls feet in the sand!

  10. so fun.
    loving all the beachy posts on the blogs this morning - including this one! hoping to get to the beach on saturday...and this is making me wish it was here sooner! :)

  11. Time does go slower at the beach ;)

  12. Oh how I would love to be on a beach right now! Such fun photos!

  13. ahhh the beach is the best. nothing like the sound of the crashing waves!! looks like you had an amazing day.

  14. I have to know if you have taken photography classes or if you just learned on your own. You photos are amazing. Love the one with your last name. So cool!

  15. i love playing on the beach with my mr.'s.
    sometimes i wish time would stand still when we are at the beach.

  16. I linked up with Gussy today, too, and my post was so similar to yours! I, too, see God everywhere when I'm at the beach. And in my post I also compared the ocean to God's love. Craziness! I guess it's universal! Love the pics. :0)

  17. Ah, soooo jealous! I loved your photos and your thoughts. Wish the beach was closer so I could experience it all, too!

  18. love this post. love thoughts on paper as the sun is setting. love the sand writing. love it all. love the beach, too. did i mention i love this? ;)