Monday, May 23, 2011

When it rains, let it

Why do I worry about things I have no control over? I find myself repeatedly doing this and I have to catch myself. There are things in life we have control over such as what clothes we will wear, what we're going to eat for dinner, maybe even what occupation we choose to pursue, and that feels good__to know that we can do these things, or not do them if we so choose. But there are so many other things in life might I say, the more weightier things such as sickness, whether our kids get into a certain school, a promotion we've put in for....that we have absolutely no control over and we can wear ourselves completely out by trying too.. control them.
Confession, I have a dreadful fear of flying. Will I do it? Yes, but it's got to be worth I better land in an exotic location somewhere that includes an all inclusive eat, drink, wake to the waves crashing, be happy, kind of atmosphere. I've been told that maybe I don't like flying because I'm not the one in control__to which I say you're probably right. After all, I don't know the pilot and what he values. Does he value life or is he a risk taker? Is he skilled in flying or is he a rookie?

This just brought back a time when Jode had to fly on a business trip. Flying isn't his most fav thing to do either.
As he arrives to board the plane, a small propeller plane, I remember he said how scenarios were running through his head about the pilot. He figured the pilot would have been in Vietnam or something and had the badges to prove it, type thing. He's pretty confident, until he sees a lady walk out and introduce herself as the one who would be flying them for the day. Why his confidence level dropped-I don't know. That's a whole nother' story for another day. haha
Just like in flying__is life. The peace comes in the surrendering.. in the turning over. When we realize we're not the ones who have to try and control any of it.  The same way I have no control over the plane or the pilot taking me to my life. I may as well sit back, put on my headphones, and enjoy the ride. The difference being, I do get the opportunity to know my pilot and He's left me an instruction manual for the times of turbulence and complete chaos. So we can quit kicking, beating ourselves up,
when it rains, let it--whatever.

Heather :)


  1. Beautiful pictures! Everyone should have an umbrella like that :-) Linking up on Gussy.

  2. beautiful photos! you are right ... when it rains, let it!

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