Monday, May 2, 2011

Update on the Birthday

Well I made my first cheesecake, ever and I must say it wasn't the best. It was ok. but I definitely learned from it and will make adjustments next time I try and make one.

However, it did look professional. I mean that spring form pan really does it's thing. The recipe was for a plain cheesecake from Paula Deen. But I'm not so much for plain. So beings Jode luv's Reese's Cups I added them in after I put in the graham cracker crust. Yep, we can all feel our jeans fitting a little tighter already.

Anyhow, the morning started off with Jode going out to bring the kids to school and finding that his windows had been written on. We had written on the back glass"It's My Birthday" and on the sides we had drawn hearts and "whoop, whoop". I really had wanted the back window to say"Honk it's my Birthday" but it was dark and late and it's hard to write on curved glass with all those things working against you, you know. 

I was running behind on getting supper cooked and the cheesecake ready so I asked the girls to wrap their dad's present and of course, they got right to it! They picked Christmas paper but it didn't matter cause' they liked it and stripes go with anything.

Gabi decided to decorate the gift for her dad by writing on it and she got a little carried away. She must have been thinking about her name or something, who knows, but this is what it said"...Gotta love those eyes!

Grayson had been saving his money for a new pair of Nike shoes. In his world if he had 3 pair of the newest bestest Nikes he would be good to go. He decided though, that he wanted to buy his dad a new Wii game. So we go to purchase it and they tell us it won't be released until mid May. Needless to say he was disappointed because he wasn't going to have anything in hand to give his dad. When the time came he stepped up and gave him this. Um, what else is there to say...priceless.

Back at my birthday in January Jode and I were shopping for myself a white watch. We had gone in Dillard's and a nice guy was helping us try watches on when Jode made the comment " dudes don't wear white watches, do they?" The nice guy replied something like "only ones that are trendy"...ahem.:)
So guess what he wanted for his birthday...

I had been telling him for quite awhile how much I really liked the white and that I thought they looked really good on guys'. I'm not sure if he feels any trendier or if he even cares, but I think he looks hot sporting his white watch. So I guess he wins.

Our family is so blessed-like really. I'm sure I will write these words a lot because to not say them wouldn't be me being honest. And I don't just say those words lightly or to try and paint a pretty picture. Because trust me there's some not so pretty things here too-trust me. I am definitely a work in progress.   

I was asked last week to give a friend, of mine whose old enough to be my dad, a ride to pick up his car from the shop. While making small talk he said "if I may, let me give you a piece of advice. Don't worry about all the things you can worry yourself over, before you know it you will be old, it's like you blink and your kids are grown, and life is too short to worry about tomorrow or what's going to happen years from now." 

Which got me thinking about the "now". The today, the moment in everyday, and I'm really trying to take it all in . I'm trying to almost woller around in the now. Kinda like a pig-wollers...yep, that's right. And I want to totally be there, to be present. To not take things for granted, to be thankful...

Now, I think I need to go woller some.

Heather :) 

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  1. i must know about that think global shirt! tell me more! that is you, right?

    that is one of our ministries at Hope - "Glocal" global AND local mission!