Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hair Nonsense

Sigh, sigh, & sigh again..... let's talk about hair.
Hair is such an issue around the Holden house. I mean I do have 2 girls and our mornings can get a little nasty sometimes, I'm just saying. There is quite often a lot of growling & huffing that comes from my 10 yr old's direction. If 1 hair is out of place to her, or laying kinda wirey, she just won't have it! This is what starts to occur coming out of her 4th grade year. And my 2nd grader just wants hers fixed but she's easy cause' she doesn't care if you braid it in tiny braids and bobby pin it to her head...kidding.
Anyways, my roots have been looking bad(pic for proof) so today is hair day for me and I'm going to someone new__new person, new place. Whoop, whoop. I love getting my hair done. I've always said if my hair looks good then I could be wearing hole-y clothes. As long as my hair is up to par, it makes all the difference... you just feel better, right?

We've had the opportunity to live in a few places (Pa, Tx, Fl, La to name a few) and so with each move has come a new someone to color my, ever- growing- darker- as I get older, roots. It is so tricky, finding that special person. I think you either have hair ability or you don't. And when I have found some hair ability I've had to move and then I have to start the process all over again.
Going to school to be a nail tech, working in a salon for 5 years, and having worked for the Aveda Institute, I've been in the hair scene.
Since today I'm actually getting my "hair do", I thought it would be fun to share some tips as to how I try and find that someone who can help make me & you look F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s...
(warning: I'm still walking through this process)

Heather’s Hair Tips & Nonsense

1. Look up the salons website. How do they present themselves? What do they specialize in? Color? Hair extensions, etc

2. If you don't know them you need to see them. A biggie for me is how does their own hair look? Not may be a sign.

3. If getting a "new do"  or specialty cut by them, you need to see their work. Do you know somebody who's hair they've cut? This is important so that you can see if they have skillz. I've had cuts where I don't have to do much styling for it to just work and it's wonderful. On the other hand, I've had cuts where no matter how long I fix& style it's just not going to look right and that's always a bummer.

4. The salon I worked in had a rule.. when a new client called to schedule an appt. the newest hairstylist or the person trying to build their clientele got them. It only makes sense the stylist who has been doing hair forever stay booked. So if it's important for you to have someone more experienced, say so. When making your appt. tell them it's imperative you have a stylist who knows color, or that has been doing this for a good amount of time. Even then though, there are no guarantees. That's when it goes back to they either have ability or they don't.

5. Bring pictures of color or cuts that you want. My red and your red are totally different. It's not the stylist job to know this. So go in prepared with what you want and pics that showcase it.

6. If for some reason you 're not satisfied...tell them. Not rudely, but most salons stand by their work and if you call them within the week they will fix the issue. I've done this once, because I came out with orange hair. When I got home my son said I looked like a pumpkin, mmm, yea, not good. By the way, if ever you need advice on hair, your clothes, gaining weight, just ask your kids...they tell the cold hard truth, no doubt.

7. This is an extra__ kinda like 1 to grow on. Do not highlight your hair (have it turn orange, pink, whatever color) and when your stylist offers to fix it the next day let her re- highlight, or re-bleach, the same hair again. This is a no-no and your hair will be fried and it will look fried to prove it.
Seriously, I'm really not a stresser over my hair because I do believe it can be fixed or if not, it'll grow out.
However, it is about being able to find that balance of a person who can listen to your wants/ desires  and then take that with their creativity-talent, smash it all around in a bowl, and create that special do just for you. I'm hoping this smashing all around effect happens for me today.

* To be continued....

Heather :) 


  1. Yay! I've been waiting for some of your hair secrets. ;)

  2. lets see it.. how did the hair cut go?

  3. Seriously...your hair is gorg-e-mous so keep the tips coming.
    And since you've lived all over the country I think you should totally post your reviews of great hairstylists in those states. Afterall, many women are in need of someone GOOD to do their hair. :)