Sunday, October 21, 2012

Impromptu Road Trip

Do I go backwards and work forwards or start where I'm at and work backwards?
So many trips and things that have happened within the past few weeks. So many things that I need to write about.
But instead of over thinking it I'm going to jump in by getting started with Saturday.

Hubs gets a new company car ever so many miles and they called and said his new one was in.  The cool gadgets_ programming the radio stations_ and getting the settings all worked out. Well it seemed like a good excuse to get it out on the road. You know, to get that all figured out.

So we drove up and down hills with all the changing of colors and leaves just a swirling as we went. The countryside and pureness of beauty all around for an impromptu trip to the Smoky Mountains.

We played in the leaves and jumped off logs.

We stopped by streams....and took in the water rushing over the rocks. 
That's always one of my favorite things to see.

These logs were some of the greatest. They actually looked camo colored.
The bark on each one was so different and unique.

We stopped to listen to some pickin'.

Until oldest_ youngest_ and myself decided to go through Ripley's Believe It or Not.

We learned about the tallest man.
And got to touch & move a marble ball that is suspended and held up only by water.

Played some in the crazy mirror. Or maybe I played some in the crazy mirror.

Meanwhile, Jode and middle were enjoying a ride up the mountain on the SkyLift together. Their were only 2 allowed to a seat which meant if we all would've rode somebody had to sit alone. So we opted out while they went ahead. Middle was beaming from ear to ear. She was so happy and so proud to get to do it.

Then we ended the day treating the kids to a meal for their first time at the Hard Rock Cafe.
We actually ate in the chapel area. To which we were told it is the only chapel in the world in a Hard Rock Cafe. It was a circle and had white curtains hung around that opened & closed. People actually get married there and it's also where they set the bands up to play.

The kids just wanted to know where all the Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber stuff was. 

These impromptu trips always seem to work out really well for us. There's not a lot of time 
to think about what we should wear or what we're going to do when we get there? We just go. And we go with the flow. And for us it always just seems to work.
Kinda like it did this weekend. My heart is full....


  1. Beautiful pictures! We're planning to do a little of the same next Saturday after my son's CC meet in Simpsonville. So exciting to have a plan of "no plan."

  2. Beautiful pictures, beautiful family! Looks like a great family weekend! I'm looking forward to when my kids are a little older for more road trips :)

  3. that sounds like a lovely weekend, Heather! i love impromptu trips like that, so much fun. and all of the pics are beautiful! my favorite time of year :)

  4. your family is so beautiful! What a fun way to test out the new car, too! We just went on a impromptu road trip for the weekend, they always seem to work out better when they're not planned :)

  5. Love the picture of all of you on the log. It is so true that sometimes the best trips are the unplanned ones. And you do such a good job of making sure there are pictures of you too - I am missing from most family trips!

  6. Looks like a fabulous trip! So much cool stuff you saw! Those trees/mountains are ah-mazing, such beauty. To just play and discover together is such a blessing :)

  7. Your family is so beautiful and I love your style! This reminds me of Utah (where I went to college) and it makes me miss it a little bit with all of the mountains. Maybe Devin and I need to take a trip to the mountains.

  8. i love you and your beautiful little family.
    such gorgeous pictures! remind me what camera you have/use?

  9. These pictures are beautiful...and I think it's cool that you just randomly went there. You seem like a fun group!

  10. I love everything about this! I would love to go on a trip like that! Looks so fun.

  11. A car’s break-in is always good for a family road trip. You get to hit two birds with one stone! Break-ins are important since this is a time when the engine sets itself inside the whole car, like when your foot sets into a new shoe. The overall power and capacity of the car is being tested as the machine settles in.

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  12. All of your pictures are so lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  13. really really gorgeous photos. thanks for sharing the smokey mountains with your readers! lovely.

    an impromptu road trip sounds perfect- especially the not thinking, just going part.

  14. looks like so much fun!! love your boots.
    xoxo jillian

  15. LOVE spontaneity & impromptu road trips. yes, i can head to the beach last minute but how i'd love to explore the MOUNTAINS spur-of-the-moment! so gorgeous. as were those pics of you and your hubby! girl, we would SO be friends in real life. we WILL make it g'ville sometime soon and we WILL be showing up on your doorstep. with winnie. :) have a great week!

  16. those trips end up seriously being THEE best! You guys made the most of it which is a lot like us , so I love that:)

    beautiful , fun pics heather!