Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 2013 {10 on 10}

Well I remembered it was the 10th and time for 10 on 10 and since I haven't blogged and all in like 3 months. I figured this may be just the push I need to get back in the game. The writing and telling my story game. Only I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my blog. I'm passionate about us all having a story that needs to be told. We're not just a name_ or a number_ but the other day I read something in "jesus calling" that made me come to this conclusion.
I have a story because of Him.
I get to write my story because of Him.
God has written my story, I only need walk in it.
That made me think that I can do this. That I need to do this. It's not about me or for only me. Hopefully it's so much bigger. That's what I choose to believe. And I invite you to walk with me....

My day started off with the chore of washing my hair_ sipping some coffee_ while eating a banana_ and blow drying my hair. The ultimate of multi tasking. For a mama anyways.

It felt really nice to be getting out of the house. For a little over 2 weeks I've struggled with back pain and have finally been diagnosed with kidney stones. It's been painful and tiresome with my energy level at like a zero. So it felt nice to get dressed_ fix my hair_ and put on some make-up. My friend, Nina had invited me to lunch for an early birthday treat.

"From a broken earth, flowers come up. Pushing through the dirt."
One of my favorite songs by David Crowder and immediately what I thought of when I saw these growing out beside the house. Still cannot believe already they're breaking through.

And as 3:30 rolled around I waited, as I always do. For those 3 sets of feet that walk through the door and allows me to breathe a sigh of relief. Relief that they're safe_ they're home.

With the mail came unexpected "happys" for my birthday from a special friend. She has me pegged well. I love them both and have the perfect spot for each.

And as I let Neely out to do his biz I noticed our pumpkins sitting out back. I did move them from the front of the house to the back. But still it made me wonder if I'm the only silly one who can't seem to fully get rid of them.

The Neel's man was due a good washing. So I had to sike myself up while sudsing him up. Otherwise, he would've gone a little longer being stinky.

And I decided to close today out with a pic of us all (minus the hubs). 
Gray man is so outnumbered especially when it's just us. But I think he digs it deep down. 
It was a full day. A day that I found many a thing I had to be thankful for. 
A day where I saw beauty all around.


  1. You have such a beautiful family.

    I look forward to you writing more :)

  2. so happy we're both back in action! yay! neel's looks thrilled about his bath. i wish i was walking in that front door. i hope you have the happiest of birthday's tomorrow. xoxo

  3. I hope you are quickly on the mend! Happy Birthday.

    PS - We just put our last pumpkin in the trash. He had set on our back porch for a month - moved from the front. We called him Mr. Pumpkin.

  4. I was coming up there to find you. Missed you so much. I hope you enjoyed your holidays with the family, happy belated birthday and I pray healing and recovery from the kidney stones.

    Let's chat soon as we are L O N G over due!


  5. I'm so sorry about the kidney stones! Truly the worst,
    Ha, I bathed our dog yesterday too. Not my favorite thing ever.
    You guys are cute.

  6. ughhhh, Heather. I cringe when i hear the words kidney stones, i have had my fair share and they are horrible : ( i hope you pass them soon and feel back to your old self again!! i always throw our pumpkins out in the backyard and watch the squirrels devour them for a few weeks. have a great weekend heather!

  7. Glad to see a post from you!!! So sorry about those kidney stones!!! Ugh!! But maybe Mr. Neels helped you feel better!

  8. Yay!!!! So happy you are blogging again!
    I really loved your set & your words that went with them.
    Especially the front door one.
    One of my neighbors still has her pumpkins on her front porch. Every year.
    She just loves pumpkins. Some years, she stacks them up & makes snowmen out of them. Orange Pumpkin Snowmen. Hysterical.

  9. hey girlie!
    been thinking about you a lot lately and when God brings you to mind, i say a prayer for you. :)
    i know we don't communicate much, but God has really put you on my heart, and then i came over to email you and you had posted!
    so glad that you are back, walking His story for you, telling it with grace.
    HE is so good.
    have a great day!!! and happy birthday!

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  11. your multi-tasking hair fixing looks similar to mine.

    i've had kidney stones. i'd rather be in labor. i've also had a "kidney boulder" -i referred to her as "sharon stone"- i'd rather be in labor with 10 babies at once. i hope you are feeling better.

    this might make you chuckle -

    and finally, may God continue to be glorified and made known as you continue to share your story.