Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day 2012

just like that and they were off.
i’m not going to sit here and bore you with how time flew and where did the Summer go.
but really? oldest asked me last night “how long have we been out of school for? like 3 weeks”  we have to keep in mind though, he is a teenager _ a boy_ and did I say a teenage boy who knows very little about time. just yesterday while trying to make another upcoming hair appt for him the nice lady asked “when do you think he’ll need to come back” so I asked him when he thought we should schedule another appt and he said” probably a week.” um, no honey I think you can go longer than a week before we have to come back and give the nice lady $25 dollars again for your hair. lol...

his hair does grow though….all of my kids have a head full of hair. a lot of hair.
we showed a picture of zac efron and his hair to the stylist trying to explain how oldest wanted his side pieces to go. and I thought she did a great job considering she cut off months of grown out hair. so we’re walking to the car and we get in and he turns to me and says “mom I don’t look like zac efron though”…lol. no, and that's because you’re even cuter babe.

anyways, I am surprising myself actually today. i’m not a hot mess about them going back.
i was driving home thinking to myself and wondering is it bc they’re getting older?. or what is it exactly? i’m not sure. but I’m thankful for this peace that's here. thankful that they were ready and excited. 

middle had gone the last 2 days to get all the 6th graders accustomed to changing to different classes and opening those lockers that they have nightmares about.
youngest was ready too. i think i’m the only one that kept thinking how she’s alone this year. meaning the other 2 are now at middle school and she still has 2 years to go through without being with them again. i do hate that part. wish they could all be together at least.

i decided to write down some thoughts after getting home and this is what came out.

i see you walking down the hall with that look of concern and apprehension on your face.

i feel your frustration of having information over load with new names to know_ locker combinations to remember_ and all of the newness being poured out at you.

i listen as some who have already made besties for the year walk by laughing and joking. 
and watch as you look at them hoping to see eyes of approval.

at home I fold clean clothes for you
i work on getting dinner thought out and ready for you
i pray for you
i wait for you

when really I want to run and find you_ to help lead you through the halls.
to be the one whispering words of encouragement when all you’ve maybe heard are discouraging ones.
to take the brunt of any mean joke or nasty words flung
to help you pin your bangs back after you’ve just had PE
i want to run stand beside you

but I’m not there, He is
and this is where...this is when you learn to figure it out
when you take the things you’ve learned and apply them daily 
as you walk down those halls and as you sit in class
to trust him_ to listen to him_ to draw nearer him

because at the end of the day I will be waiting
waiting for you to run home to me.

Happy new year of school.

last year 2011

Isaiah 12:2  Surely God is my salvation;I will trust and not be afraid.
The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense
He has become my salvation.



  1. yay for going back to school! That is so funny that his hair grows sooo fast...that is my husband! And he has found a salon he likes so he pays $25-$30 for a haircut every couple of weeks (where as I go 1-2 times a year for $20!).

  2. your post was so sweet Heather! got me a little teary-eyed.
    i will admit i cried when my kids started school (preschool,2nd & 3rd grades) but
    I think it has something a little more to do with the prengnacy hormones :)
    you have such stylish kids!

  3. Such a sweet post!! Your thoughts reflect a great mama!

  4. I love everything about this. Especially the Zac Efron reference! hahahaha
    Your kiddos are gorgoeus. xoxo

  5. Ah, I love this. This is exactly how I felt this week too as my kids went back to school. Blessings to the Holden kids!!

    Miss you girlie....let's have coffee soon! LOL