Monday, August 6, 2012

Thrifters Unite

it’s that time ya’ll. time for the thrifty gift exchange link up.
i hope your posts’ are written and ready to be linked up because I can’t wait to read each one.

i was partnered up with Elizabeth and knew from the start how awesome she was. 
we follow each other on insta gram and I have seen her style_ the way she decorates_ etc.. uber talented lady I tell ya with taste over the top. and let’s be honest, I do love me some thriftin’,  love to receive treasures of any kind, but the real reason I loved this was for the relationship. 
for the hope of friendship that would come from having if not more, at least one thing we knew in common with each other…. we are thrifters.
why all of a sudden do I feel like I’m writing a post about thrifters uniting…. Thrifters anonymous… I may need an intervention. Ha.. just sayin’. 

anyways Elizabeth and I had emailed ahead of time giving each other ideas of what we each liked. 
just so we could be on the look-out for certain things if we happened across them. and I was slightly nervous because I didn’t really find any of the items that were mentioned. all of you thrifters out there know some days you score big and some days you walk away with nothin’ nada. still what I did find was treasure to me and after reading her response think that she felt the same too. and so that was the real score….

here are the things that I found...

when my package came I thought I was going to cry. as I pulled each treasure out I knew how each item represented time and thought that Elizabeth had put into giving them.

i have a collection of aprons but none that are vintage until now. 

any kind of milk glass gets me. i just love it.

the vintage flower pin is something I would’ve picked out myself.

vintage buttons, trim, and fabric are again something I don’t have but lu-ove. i’ve been dreaming about what I’m going to use it on.

and this little coffee cup that she packaged so sweetly in the green recipe tin is a gem I tell ya. 
the design on it, the colors…I could eat it. such a treasure to me.

Carina, thanks so much for this awesome idea and for letting me be a part.
now go link up at the bottom_ check out everyone elses’ treasures_ and see who they got to meet.



  1. amazing! such great vintage finds!!

  2. OH MY WORD! That apron!!!!! What a score!!! LOVE IT!

  3. wow! what amazing vintage treasures!!! so fun. :)

  4. You guys scored big! Can't believe you both found so much stuff for under $10! Amazing!

  5. i cannot believe all of the fun and amazing things you got. that mug. i die.the apron. all of the other little baubles. i love it all. :)

  6. very fun! love taking a look at everyone's swap treasures.. that mug and milk glass bowl are so sweet.

  7. So fun! I found the same recipe box for Laura and I agree about the milk glass and apron. Swoooon :)

  8. Super cute apron and mug. Your mug is almost as cute as mine. ALMOST ;)

  9. Wow, looks like so much fun. Glad you were a part of it. Pretty neat treasures too!

  10. So bummed I didn't jump on this exchange train! Next time!