Monday, February 27, 2012

Basketball_ Soccer_ & Cartwheels

Saturday oldest played his last basketball game for the season. His team were the winners of 1 game but overall, I think they all were winners. It's awesome to watch kids who start out maybe lacking confidence or who know nothing about team work turn around and by the end of the season they're holding their heads a little higher and they're passing the ball off & around the court. I love seeing the transition that happens out on the field/ court and know that it has to carry over into other areas of their life too. 

Two weeks ago we were out shopping and oldest spotted some new special dunking shoes. For those of you who follow along here you know my son has quite the obsession with shoes. Most of them being pretty pricey. He was more than disappointed that day to leave not getting the shoes that were on sale promising to do just about every chore he could think of from now until forever. Over the next couple of days the shoes were the highlight of his conversation. When finally Jode told him if he scored 10 points in the next game he would buy him the shoes. I think this bet happened amongst them as they were playing b-ball out in the driveway. Well he didn't make the 10 point score for that game and was more than disappointed but hubs once again committed to buy the shoes this last game if he scored 6 points..... and that he did.

The girls are both thinking they want to try their kicks out at Soccer this year. They've been practicing and yesterday Jode and I took them on in a game. It was kind of chilly but so beautiful out.

The girls kept collaborating on their next play trying to outsmart us. Youngest kept impersonating Nacho Libre trying to make her sister laugh. I like seeing them on the same team and working together bc trust me it's so much better quieter that way. :)

Then late last night after all the tucking in had taken place I heard the text on my phone ring. Middle had text'd me to say that she really wants to play Soccer but not if her sister is going to play and be on her team. If that's the case she'd rather just play Softball again this year and let youngest play Soccer. I told her not to worry about it right then. It was too late and that we would figure it out tomorrow.

And there were some cartwheels, too this weekend. Because it just wouldn't have been a day to the fullest had there not been. Soccer and all is fun but cartwheels in the sunshine...that's often where it's really at.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I got to see lots of basketball games this weekend too! My brothers middle school team won district woot woot!

  2. great action shots! love the dunking shoes, lol

  3. I am so glad it is getting nice outside again. I hope you can convince them to play together.

  4. Heather, your pictures are wonderful. I played soccer and basketball myself so naturally I am so excited that your kids are playing. I found you from Laura's link up and am so excited to be follow you along here =) Have a fantastic Monday.

  5. Woo hoo, way to go Holden kids!! So sweet! I love it when they are active and having fun!! Congrats to your son and his team!1 Well Done!! Let's chat on Friday? Miss you!!;)

  6. you catch such great shots heather! i love you and your little family. you can just see the love. cracks me up to hear stories about them. i feel like im getting a bit of a foreshadowing of mine when they are older!