Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's-Making Weekend

Friday oldest stayed home from school not feeling well.
He had the whole sore throat_ congestion thing going on. Not fun, at all.
But we needed to get our Valentine-Making on anyway and so that's just what we did.

We have a few paint decks laying around our home so we grabbed one up 
and made bookmarks that I had seen here
The girls got a kick out of reading all the paint color names...Romantic Morn, Pink Mimosa, Frosted Tulip, Bleeding Heart, Kenny's Kiss. Who gets to pick all those names anyway? 
We had fun trying to come up with our own names for each one....

By yesterday, oldest was feeling much better and wanted to go out and get all hot & sweaty while shooting some basketball, in the super cold weather. 
We wouldn't let him...we couldn't let him and you can imagine how well that went over.
This is where the whole parenting thing gets a little hard. 
We want them to understand that we're doing it for their good but they don't or maybe deep down they do but they don't want you to know that they do..ha!
Anyways, we made brownie sundaes with caramel on top and it really was the best way to close out our little Valentine's making weekend...even oldest had to agree.

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  1. CUTE! I can't wait to make valentines with Lydia, this year I bought cards for family and she colored on them, that's about all we can do at this point.

  2. I love those bookmarks! What a fun little party. I, of course, am starting on my son's valentines tonight....

  3. I miss you! I love how you use paint cards in unique ways!! I need that Sundae in my life, right now!!I'll call you soon.

  4. those are so so sweet heather!!! Love the pics you included and that DESSERT are you joking around?!! Happy V day!!!

  5. LOVE the paint swatch book marks! I pinned these the other day but haven't gotten around to making them! Such a cute idea!

  6. What a special afternoon! :) They turned out so awesome...paint cards...genius!

  7. I love that your girls made their Valentine's. My boys just want to go to Target and pick their's out. Such is life!

  8. wow, i'm so impressed!! what a fabulous idea to use the paint bookmarks!! love, love!!
    thanks for linking up, sweet friend!! xo

  9. I love the bookmark idea! So cute!

  10. along the lines of paint color names, when i was working at Mervyns, the shoes had all sorts of names and i can remember saying that i wanted to get in on that job! sit around somewhere and think of shoe names!