Monday, February 20, 2012

Day's Off

This weekend was a quiet one for us. 
Sunday was cold, nasty, and it rained the entire day. 
But today was President's Day and the kids were off from school. 
It was a sleep in and have fun just doing whatever the kids wanted kind of day.
So after lunch we decided to go down to the park and take a few pictures.
It's still chilly enough to wear a beanie hat and not yet warm enough to wear flip flops.
I'm longing lately for days of Summer to be here but trying to soak the last of Winter up.
Because I'm sure when we're having the days of 100 degrees I'll be dreaming of cooler ones to come.
Funny how that all works.
It's been awhile though, since I've played with my camera in the sunlight, outdoors.
And it's so the best
Indoors I find to be such a challenge to get the lighting just right and to achieve the look that I want. 
But it's so much fun getting out in the sunshine and just going with it.
That's what we did today... we just went with it and "it" was beautiful.

I'm so happy to be linking up today with Laura from Bits of Splendor.
You should go over and check out her blog and get to know some other awesome bloggers all linking up and sharing their splendor in life.
Happy Monday!


  1. beautiful pictures! Makes me want to break out my real camera and play.xoxo

  2. So pretty. Glad you enjoyed your day with the family.;) Miss you!

  3. What fun to do a photo shoot in the park! These are lovely.

  4. What a great photo shoot!! I'm so happy that y'all had a great day. :)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. How fun! What a great set of photos.

  6. hope your day off was a joy, love these pretty photos. and you;)

  7. Great pictures! I much prefer natural sunlight to indoor lighting!!!!! Glad y'all had a good day off!

  8. holy smokes! these pictures are beautiful!!!! love you heather :)

  9. i love that you do so much and have so much fun with your girls. these are beautiful heather.

  10. As I was reading through your blog, I became slightly envious! A day of cold weather & rain (all day)! Living in So Cal we dont get that! Every season I buy all this great bundle up clothes (scarfs, tights, boots) praying for cold. Enjoy the weather and your beautiful children. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.