Thursday, February 9, 2012


We've had flowers in our house for the past 2 weeks just bc. It started when my girls picked some from the side bush in our yard and brought them in to me. Then I picked some up from Wal-Mart bc i love to see them sitting on the kitchen counter. And these flowers pictured probably don't look like much but it's really more about what they stand for. They're about a daddy & momma who want to make sure their daughters are being wooed by the right people_ ...with the things that little girls dream about. Like chocolates_ balloons_ flowers_ pretty things.

 Valentine's Day has me thinking all kinds of thoughts bc of it being right upon us. I get that flowers and chocolates and stuffed animals are just things. It's about the cuddles_ the comfort_ the teaching_ the sharing of_ the love, love, love and so much more than any mere monetary thing. But i also know that us females have an inner desire and an eye for pretty, or if your like me, a stomach for some good milk chocolate. 

And then i think about Jesus and all the ways he woos me
by the flowers in the field
the clouds in the sky
by His peace I receive
by the friend that calls 
by my children's arms that wrap tightly around my neck
by His words that i read..... He woos me.

And I want my kids to see and know that it is He who wants/desires it all.....all of their affections. 
 I'm not sure this is even coming out right or making sense like it does in my insides but sometimes that's just how the writing goes. It just spills out and over and onto this page....

What I know is there will come the day when she will be wooed by a boy, a man, her future husband, but for now her daddy is that person and he/we want to woo her well. That's all. 
happy Thursday!

woo [wuː]
vb wooswooingwooed
1. to seek the affection, favour, or love of (a woman)



  1. so sweet! nothing like the love of daddy :) love all the flowers-- they make your already cheery house even cheerier!! :)

  2. So sweet! I love doing small things for my family just to see them smile!

  3. Lovely... my dad took me on my first date. He "picked me up", I dressed up, flowers, dinner with cloth napkins. It was a wonderful way to have a first date.

  4. could be my pregnancy hormones but i cried as i i began looking at these photos ... just so precious ... a daddy's love for his girls ... overwhelms me to think of our heavenly father (daddy) how much more He loves us and how He wants to woo us! beautiful post ... just so beautiful!

  5. How wonderful is that! I remember getting a bracelet form my Dad one Valentine's day and it just made me feel oh so special. I think the value of you husband "wooing" your girls is immeasurable :)

  6. Heather... you just made me cry!!!! I absolutely love this post, I love the look in your daughters eyes I LOVE what you are teaching them.

    Wow, you just made my heart just overflow a bit
    thank you for sharing

  7. Ok this was a very sweet post but Im so distracted by all the (fabric) eye candy in your pictures. The pillow sham in your DD's room (on the settee), the living room throw pillows...Im dying over here!

  8. This is so sweet and my hubs read it along with me...hint, hint! My little man stopped on the way in the house from the bus yesterday and picked me a little flower. He woos me with his little tender ways. Thank you, missed you this week;)

  9. Love the idea of Jesus wooing us...beautiful!

  10. Lovely post! It kinda reminded me of the movie "Courages" when one of the daddy's gives his daughter a promise ring. So sweet! Good job mom & dad!

  11. right on. i like to think of a daddy caring for the soil of his daughters heart.. so that when the time is right it's healthy and ready for good seed. i loved the look of surprise on your daughters face. really sweet. :)

  12. Aww! This makes me smile BIG! My daddy buys me flowers from time to time too, and I'm 19 and still live at home. He teaches me how a man should teach a woman so well. It's been said over and over, a woman looks for a man like her daddy to become her husband♥