Monday, September 10, 2012

Coffee+Mugs= Friends

this is my second year of participating in the Cuppakim mug swap!
it’s brilliant I tell you. before I even knew the date of when it was going to be i had started to get the itch. i had seen so many cute mugs that I was itching to buy one to give. obviously though, I couldn’t actually purchase one until I had been partnered up with my partner. it’s important to me that I try and get a mug that suits the person. it’s part of the whole challenge/ fun. it can’t just be a cute mug. 
it has to be “the one."

 I was tickled to receive my mug from Lorie and find out about her.
she had done her homework and knew that I really like vintage mugs.
it was the perfect little mug to add to my small but growing collection. and I love it.

Lorie messaged me thru insta-gram and we quick became following friends.
i love her style and she has the cutest little family…truly.
and always the best part…the cherry on top. making a new friend.

i figured i would post a pic of the one i sent to Richelle, too. 
she doesn’t have a blog but totally should. i met Richelle through my etsy shop because she was 
one of my very first orders. she is a mom to 5 girls and an amazing decorator. a sweetheart of a person.

thank you kim for such a great idea of connecting people over a cup of coffee and a cute mug. 
coffee+cute mugs= friends



  1. ok this is great. i feel like this was fantastic on both sides. and your goal to find the ONE. i love it :)
    lorie did a FANTASTIC job. that mug IS so you.

    and the mug you sent to richelle is just all things lovely. :)

    so cute friend.

  2. I'm in love with both of those mugs. xoxo

  3. i am so bummed that i missed this! i really want to do it next time around. i am in love with the bird mug!! : ) have a great week, Heather!

  4. i super love both of the mugs.

  5. These are both so lovely. I found your blog through Instagram and through Ruthie :)

  6. Loving your new blog!! It's SO pretty! And the 2 mugs are adorbs, too!

  7. Ok both of those mugs are seriously CUTE! I could live off of swaps if I had the chance. Theyre just like Christmas!

  8. Well you already know how I feel about your mugs.
    But let me take this moment to tell you how much I love that profile pic. It may be my favorite picture of you ever. Pure cuteness.
    and your new shop button rocks too! Love.
    love you.
    See you in 3 days. Eeep!

  9. Oh wait!!! I just noticed your whole blog looks different! LOVE! :)

  10. the mug given and the mug gave are amazing, what a cute idea!!!

  11. That is such a cute idea! We just found your blog and we are your newest follower. We would love if you would check ours out.