Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIWW with the hubs

I haven't done a WIWW post in forever. So i figured it was time to do so.
And here's the other deal. My first reason for blogging is that I think_ hope my kids will enjoy looking back on all the thoughts_ experiences that I typed out for them and so it hit me. 
 They will have to love seeing all the outfits we wore_ the outfits their mom wore, right.
Because you know how it is looking back on old photos of your parents' and seeing how they dressed. When i see my mom in her miniskirt or my dad in high water's I always think about what they must've been thinking when they put their outfit together. You know... was it thought out the night before. Or was it a quick throw on some clothes... 
anyway, I figure I may as well give them some good content to make fun of.

Top: Belk
Sweater: Target
Leggings: Wal-Mart
Boots: Kohl's
Pink Ring: My shop

Well and they may make fun of us for the way we dressed but hopefully they'll see that mom and dad crazy loved each other. Dad loved mom so crazily that he agreed to pose and take pictures while youngest had fun turning the camera sideways_ upside down and around to get their picture.
happy Wednesday!


  1. you guys are too cute. seriously.

  2. i think (read hope with every ounce of my being) that our children will appreciate the words typed and photos snapped when they are older. our house burned as a kid and my mom lost most of our photos so when i find old pictures of her i am exceptionally grateful! it's funny that i would totally wear most of the things she wore, today :))

    love your heart heather!

  3. Stopped by from The Pleated Poppy. You look great! I love the outfit, but I want your hair!! Too bady my dark curls will never look that good. Cute post though!

  4. you two are a fabulous pair. love these photos and your boots...OhEmGee!!!

  5. Your so pretty Heather! And I love that you put together a cute outfit from places I actually shop at like Target and Kohls. This is a great idea to do, I remember looking through my parents pictures too and marveling at the styles and how they changed over the years.

    Your daughter did a great job of photographing you guys!

  6. Love this. You two are adorable!

    Visiting from Pleated Poppy...

  7. They will definitely see how much dad and mom loved each other! You guys are adorable! And seriously girl, your hair- killer cute!:)

  8. quit it, heather, you are so cute!! i love these pictures and as always, having a little hair envy : ) laugh away kids, your mama and daddy are looking good!

  9. That hair and those boots!! Y'all look great!

  10. Y'all are too cute!

    ANd that hair...good gracious! GIVE IT! LOVE IT!

    And those boots...I might have to stop at Kohls on the way home!!!! So CUTE!

    Great outfit! Great couple!

  11. you are too cute! your kids will look back and think you were super cool.

  12. omg. dying at the cuteness and beauty of this. You are so gorgeous friend!!!!! your kids will no doubt love this!!

  13. Your hair is the prettiest!! Will you give us a tutorial sometime on how you style it? My hair is short the process of growing back out to looking like "me" I'd love to get any tips!!! :)

  14. Love this girl! Tell Kayli she gots skills... That second pic is my fave. and as always... Gorgeous!

  15. OK, so I think I need to go find that top!