Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Small Acts= Great Things

Of course I’ve had nice things done for me.
So why is it that sometimes it hits me hard and surprises me to no end!? 
Now I love being the one on the giving end of a gift. Be it big or small. 
Or maybe even the one offering a nice gesture. I love to be on that side and be the one to bring on the surprise. Love surprises.

But when I‘m on the recipient side it get’s a little weird _hard for me to accept. 
I’m sure I need counseling or something I know. But I never feel like I deserve whatever niceness is bestowed upon me and usually find myself shocked that someone would be so nice or thoughtful towards me.

Here is the other thing. I’m not always surprised or overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for something done for me though. For instance, my husband does lots of small nice things for me within a day and I’m not perplexed by it. If I’m honest, I probably even take them for granted some. Because I know that he loves me and wants to help me. We want to help each other. And maybe that’s it. Maybe when someone does something so over the top nice it makes me realize that they must have wanted to make me feel special_ to brighten my day_ to help_ or to let me know I was being thought of. 

Lately I’ve had a few over the top nice things given to me and I have been overwhelmed by them. I find myself almost in a state of being broken by it. And let me say you will probably laugh when you hear the acts of kindness. But to me they meant so much.

The first happened this weekend when I went away for a craft weekend with some of the most wonderful ladies. I have a lot to say about this weekend and what I took away but that's coming later.
Anyway, I had talked with the girls on the drive up about how stinkin' cute Targets new line of coffee mugs are. Like I want them all. But one of my fave's was the motel one and I had shared that with them. Well I wake up the first morning there and go to get my coffee and we see a sign hanging above the coffee pot that reads “ good morning ladies. enjoy your coffee in a mug of your choice”. There sat my Motel mug amongst 9 other mugs. I did a little squeal when I spotted it. the squeal kind of faded into a groan or maybe a growl sound after I saw the paper sticking out if it that also said ”reserved for”. But as I got closer and looked inside I saw it read  “reserved for heather?” Now I’m about to let loose at this point and really do some squealing waking up the whole cabin. I couldn’t even believe it. I seriously was thinking in my head who’s the other heather….haha…

Then yesterday I’m sitting working away when the UPS man drops off a package on the front step. It said Scentsy and I immediately thought it must be a mistake. Like for my neighbor or something. But when I read it clearly it had my name and address printed on the label.
I opened it to find a handsome little owl that is going to make my home smell so yummy. Like pear caramel crisp. I wanted to cry. I kinda did a little. So sweet. So thoughtful. So generous of the 2 ladies that went in together to send it to me.

2 things I’m learning. Don’t ever underestimate no matter how little or small you may think something will mean to someone else. We can’t determine that and it just may mean so much more than you or we could ever imagine. Truly it just may be the Lord using us in greater ways than we could understand. And secondly, it’s not hard for me to accept and know that the lord loves me and wants to bless me. Sometimes anyway,,,,TO receive what he has for me. So I need to start receiving it through my friends. Through others. And believing that someone just may be thinking about me and want to surprise the pa-tooty out of me.

So who woulda thought that a stinkin' cute coffee mug and a handosme little smell good owl would bring about such emotion.  Sometimes it’s in the smallest gesture that means so much.
Thank you ladies for being so kind. The Lord used you in my life.
Love you girls.

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  1. so. adorable.
    i love this so much.
    i also love that whole new line at target.
    and bought this exact mug for one of my friends who is turning 32 this year. ;)

    they have another "32" mug and i bought that one for a friend who turned 32 the other day. ;)

    so fun. so cute. so perfect.

    i'm glad you got this little piece of happy to take home.

  2. You are such a sweet soul heather. You deserve every ounce of goodness that comes your way!! Thank you for hearing and more importantly receiving my heart this weekend!


  3. I agree with you...I love to give and find it difficult to receive...I'm slowly realizing that graciousness in receiving is equally a blessing as giving...you are allowing someone else to be a blessing to you!

    What awesome friends you have! :)

  4. I'm so so so glad that you said how much you loved that mug to Alison and me :) it was perfect when she was putting the mugs out on Friday night. We knew we had to be sure you got that one!
    Lots of love girl!

  5. First I just need to say that I love your new look....like LOVE.

    I can relate, I always have a sense of feeling unworthy when I receive a gift. But you have put a nice new perspective on it for me. That the Lord WANTS to bless us. What could be more wonderful than that? The many ways in which we can all bless each other, big or small, is astounding.

  6. I find that as I get older, the more I appreciate the little things...not only from my husband but friends. That owl scentsy is just adorable! I have had my eye on it for a while now :-)