Thursday, September 6, 2012

the love of a dog

for those of you who follow me through insta-gram the 
"neely pic of the day" is no secret to you. 
Neely is 9 months old and has become such a part of our 
family we couldn't not include him in the roll on our insta feed. 
                                                                            he has such cuteness overload that it would be a shame 
                                                                                                                            not to capture some of it.  
 and i sometimes wonder if he's going to become like my girls and 
automatically pose upon sight of the iPhone.

let me say this though, i realize he's not the ONLY cute dog or an exception to any rule.
you all have cuties walking_ chewing_ laying around your house too. 
he just happens to be ours and he happens to have won our hearts over and i'm thinking how fun 
it'll be to look back years from now when he's a grumpy old pup and can't hold his pee type thing. 
to look back and see how he grew_ what ages the kids were with him_ 
to see how much we loved a dog. our first dog.

if you're not on insta-gram. go do it_ go get on it now. 
it is such a fun way to keep up with everyone in the little details of life.

well i'm off to work on orders and take care of oldest.
he wasn't feeling good today so he stayed at home with me.
i keep getting random text's from him. i'm downstairs, he's upstairs. 
text's like he needs more drink or what am i doing....

happy thursday.



  1. seriously I look forward to the Neely pic of the lie they look like they come out of a magazine!! I even saved the one of him sitting in front of the mantle...I am weird yep hha

  2. Love love love....and I really love that the pics don't do his cuteness justice.

  3. also...tell Gray he is acting just like his Paw Paw. Except there wasn't any texting back in those days. He used to just have to holler for his momma from the back of the house for water and stuff. But then we went big time and they got us kids our own phone line and he drove her crazy with calling her from his bedroom. Every 5 minute.. "Ringggg"
    Tell him I hope he gets to feeling better soon. ;)

  4. I love Neely. Because I have a "Molly". She entered our family 8 years ago and is like a child of ours. She was our first baby and I can't imagine life without her.

    Savor your Neely moments!

  5. He really is so adorable. Loving a dog adds so much to your life. I lost my dog about 3 months ago and even though we have a new pup, I find myself still crying over the loss of her. They are truly family members and it's never the same once they are gone. You will absolutely treasure all these photos :)

  6. Neely looks so precious. I am guessing he is a goldendoodle? We had a golden retriever from the time I was in third grade until my senior year of college. He was such a great friend and we have pictures of me dancing with him like the one with your daughter.

    I love his curly hair too...big plus :)