Monday, April 2, 2012

Music, My Memory & Musings

Hey. It’s Monday and it’s Spring Break here for us which means days’ without 
schedules and being very spontaneous. Just because we can. No alarm clocks needing to 
be set or bells ringing to announce tardiness.

I do wish however, we were waking this morning to the sound of waves crashing and the taste of salt on our lips. The beach has been calling my name…. Do you hear it to? There’s just that something about the beach that awakes my senses and makes me breathe a little slower. Anyway, a girl can dream right. And who knows we may just decide on a whim to drive over for a night or 2 for the sheer adventure and spontaneity of it. Sometimes it’s more fun that way…when the planning for months and packing for days are all reduced down to a few hours of sheer excitement, throwing our swimsuits & sunscreen in a bag and just going. This way takes awhile for my brain to catch up to all the reasons why we really shouldn’t go.

I will try and feel some sunshine on my face this week…probably on my back deck while listening to some Amos Lee and John Mayer on Pandora or maybe some Francesca Battistelli. My girls are in love with her songs and can sing them word for word. I remember when I could memorize all the lines to every song that played on the radio. It just happened without even trying…but somewhere through the years something has happened and I don’t know word for word every song that rotates thru anymore. But my girls do and I look at them in amazement and wonder how did this happen? They sing along with Adele

Throw your soul through every open door
Count your blessings to find what you look for
Turn my sorrow into treasured gold”

Just when did their memory become greater than mine? Because it is I tell ya. I walk into Target and can’t remember what I even went there for but they can tell me what they ate when they were 3 at the Mexican restaurant we only ate at once. Speaking of music did you watch the ACM Awards last night? I think Brad Paisley’s personality is the cutest, 
Lady A is one of my favorites, 
American Honey is still one of my ring tones, 
and the Band Perry gets me every time I hear them sing.

Would you walk to the edge of the ocean
Just to fill my jar with sand ...
Would you catch a couple thousand fireflies ...”

They say you can’t take the country out of the girl and I think that’s pretty much true. On Saturday it was opening day of Turkey Season… the Youth Hunt. Oldest was originally going to go with dad but he was invited to spend the night with his friends. So staying home to go hear a turkey gobble the next morning went flying out the window. Next thing I know the girls are dressed in black leggings and camo shirts ready to go and try to help dad call one in.

You should have heard the stories round’ the dinner table on Saturday when they got back. 
No turkeys were seen or heard. Probably in part due to youngest tromping through the woods in boots of mine that were a couple sizes too big, a spider that she spotted after they had found the just right spot and was convinced had made it’s way to her head, and the sniffling & snorting she did bc of her and sister sharing a cold. Middle did pretty well I heard, as she kept busy playing with some mud leftover on her boot that she had purposefully sploshed through while on their way. At least dad was able to make it into the woods this weekend. But as for our girls I’m not sure how much country has made it into them….to be continued. 

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  1. oh my gosh the girls look darling. happy schedul-less week friend.

  2. The beach is calling my name also. Oooh, how I miss the feeling of sand between my toes! and LOL at the kids having a better memory than you :b my daughter's memory far exceeds mine as well.

  3. Our spring break is in 1 more week, enjoy your time with your family :)

  4. I think it's awesome that the girls at least were willing to go out hunting with your hubby! Glad you are enjoying your time off, so rejuvinating huh!

    P.S. LOVE Francesca :)

  5. Beautiful family! My girls love Francesca too! So glad that you all are enjoying your break. Our is next week!! Happy Easter!!He is RISEN!!