Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweetness in the Air

It was a good weekend. Quite a busy one.
I’ve heard all my life that as my kids get older things will get busier. And I have definitely noticed as of late, the pace around our house is picking up. 
We’ve always only allowed our kids 1 activity at a time. For many reasons we’ve chosen this. But also bc the financial aspect can get overwhelming with it all. 
I sometimes find myself in a tug of war over wanting my kids to get the exercise, meet new friends, learn what its like to work as a team. To also keeping things simple. Our family time together is important and I always want to keep that front and center

Youngest has been enjoying Soccer so much.
After each game she tells me with gushing smiles how much fun it is.
And I can’t help but be overly excited for her.
It makes me happy to see her so into something for the first time.
To see her exploring and finding her way.

I want to expose them (not all at the same time) to a variety
of sports, activities, and such.
Only by their wishes and their want to pursue.
Not ever by something I’m pushing them to do.
I want for them to know and taste what it’s like to make that goal.
To recite those lines on stage.
Or to swim their very best time.
Because how will they know if they’ve never given it a try?

This weekend was sign-up’s for Swim team in our Subdivision.
We went. We asked questions. We got the paperwork and we left to process and talk it over some more.

We also took Gray to a travel team baseball try-out on Sunday evening. 
They won’t stay overnight and we won’t miss church on Sunday’s. 
Which is the only reason we’re walking thru the process.
It winded up being cancelled due to the rain.

Then driving home as the rain danced on the windshield I had this thought. 
What if we’re supposed to be on these teams not just for my kid’s sake 
but for greater reasons.
What if there are people we’re supposed to meet?
Relationships we’re supposed to gain?
What if it’s so much more than just an extra curricular sport that my son/daughter want to be involved in? That would be enough if it were just that. But what if it was for more.

 I’m enjoying this season in our lives so much right now.
And though I hate to admit it, there have been seasons that I’ve wished would just hurry up. To just get on with it. But not this one.

This one as of late has a sweetness that lingers in the air.
And I’m thankful for this place. 
Thankful for this sweetness that I’m finding right here. Right now. 

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  1. what a great weekend! and awww that puppy, just love him!


  2. So cute puppy, i love this blog.

  3. I think about this all the time. With multiple kids life could get pretty busy with extra curriculars. So far we've had the same rule. One activity per kid {my 2 littel ones aren't old enough for anything yet}. I think we just want to be thoughtful about it. We want to be where God wants us. I love the way you encourage your kids! And your puppy is too cute. And I'm heading over to buy a necklace for my babysitter! xoxo

  4. I don't want to rush this season in our home either... kind of wish I could hold on for longer than I'll be given. But the next season will be amazing too! :) And I love the puppy. We have a labradoodle but he's more lab than poodle so he doesn't have that wavy hair :( A great dog though!

  5. I just stumbled across your blog for the first time, but what you wrote about resonated with me. My two are still quite little, but the older one is just starting to get into ballet and we will probably do soccer this summer. It's always a hard balance - you want to expose them to new adventures but you also want to give them time to just be young and free. It sounds like you are coming up with a good balance.