Friday, April 27, 2012

You're My Cherry on Top

and it really is! hubs man, happy happy birthday! :)

today we get to celebrate your life and bc of that i know tonight's going to be a really really good night.:)

thank you for the sacrifices you consistently make for our family.
you're a self-less
guitar playin'
big hearted
laid back
and affectionate
man who loves Jesus and models that in our family. you push me and make me a better woman...thank you. doing life with you is exciting. like tonight, i can't wait to sing at the top of our lungs with Bo & Bear of need to breathe. and i'm making your favorite dessert ever. 
a Kahlua coffee cheesecake for the first time. so pray babe that it comes out tasting just a teensy bit like Cheesecake Factory. bc i don't have a back up plan. if it turns out horrible we'll buy a real cake tonight, o.k.
the kids love you_ Neely loves you_ and i love you. You're the best part of anything.... you are my cherry on top.



  1. happy birthday jode!!!!! what a special and sweet post heather but I cannot get over that first picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your furbaby

  2. Happy Birthday to your awesome hubby! Sounds like it's going to be a special evening that I'm sure he will enjoy :) Have a wonderful time and best of luck on the cheesecake!

  3. Yay! Happy Birthday!! Have a super fun night and enjoy that cheesecake!! Yummo!

  4. you are just adorable! and happy birthday to Jode!!!!

  5. You are so sweet. Hope you guys had fun celebrating. That first picture?! STOP IT!