Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have to admit. There are so many days that i don't get full_out dressed.
If i know i'm going to be creating, working at the house, or only getting out to take the kids to school.
Then it's usually my work-out clothes or a t-shirt i stay in.
Something that's easy for me to move around... and comfortable to be in.
And on these days I don't wear make-up either....gasp. I know, i know...
Hubs man says he like's me with no make-up on to which i have never fully accepted.
Although, after 15 years he still says it so i figure that's a long time for him to lie.
You would think he'd give it a rest already.

I like getting dressed, though and i like clothes too. Go figure...
So a few weeks back Target got in all  there c-ute Spring clothes.
I was actually looking for the girls some new things for Summer when i spotted the Coral top.
It came in Turquoise and the Coral and i really would have liked one of each for both the girls.
However, they have their own ideas about what they think looks good and what they'll wear.
That's one good thing about them staying small is that you can put them in whatever you like and they don't care or give you any lip.
Not the case though as they get older.... whole nother' ballgame.
Anywho, i decided i would get it for myself.
Disney and all on the tag..... and i mean i like Disneyland, too. ;)

Coral top_ Target $12
Jeans_ TJ Maxx $30
Wedge Shoe_ Target $20

Yes, momma has booty.... something I'm trying to work on.
Happy Wednesday Ya'll.

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  1. Hey, havin' booty is way better than having a FLAT one! :) I love that top! Was it in the womens section or the girls? I may have to meander up to my store and do a little shopping.
    P.S. Im having my first blog sale starting today. Ive listed bags & accessories so far but have to still list clothing and a few home decor items. Stop by if you want to:)

  2. I love this top!! it looks SO good on you!

  3. You are so cute and that color looks FAB on you :) I must know how you do your hair!! It is just the way I have always wanted to try and get mine, do you use a large barrel curling iron?

  4. Very cute! Love the coral top.

  5. LOVE it! I had my daughter try on the same top and you're right they have entirely different ideas of what to wear! I NEVER thought about buying it for me though! Kudos to you!

  6. I love this bright top- it is so pretty on you! Found you on WWIW!

  7. um, super cuteness. and booty isn't that bad ;) embrace it!

    LOVE ya xo

  8. MY gorgeous (inside and out) friend! You look beautiful. Love you...

  9. Seriously, you are too CUTE! And can I have your hair when you're done with it? :) Haha!

  10. You're rocking that Disney top - it's a beautiful color on you! :)

  11. Adore that top you found at target!!! You look amazing Heather!

  12. Your body is perfect! I love your booty! :)