Thursday, October 13, 2011


I like red in small doses...sprinkled in_
just a touch. 
I like to sprinkle red in decorating my home_
my clothing & accessories
{or ugh hmmm ,maybe even my shoes}.
It's fun and I think it spices things up a bit, eh.
Like how about red lipstick.
I think it looks beautiful on others but would look ridiculous on myself.
Maybe one day I'll get up enough nerve to just do it....
put on that red lipstick.
But for now here are some examples of where
I choose to sprinkle in a little red.

I started to do a whole post on nothing but red shoes....
lord knows I have enough of them!
It's like I'm drawn to them or something.
Shopping in Kohl's yesterday I almost bought the last pair shown above 
with a gift card that I have. They come in black & red...
and instead of going with black I really wanted the red.
I decided to sleep on it and see if I still want them in 2 days.
But there's just something about having that
 little sprinkle of color that I love….red.

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Heather :)


  1. Love all the little sprinkles of red. You have some good taste. :-)

  2. yes, yes!! i love red accents and accessories!!
    it is such a fun pop color!


  3. I LOVE this post! I'm a fan of red for sure!

  4. Red is so fun! :) Just wear that red lipstick my dear! :)

  5. that watch!!!!!! I LOVE IT!! (I think my new obsession/want to start collection is watches!)

  6. I feel the same way about red lipstick- I love it on other people, but whenever I try it I feel like I am playing dress up with my mom's make up! One day though, I WILL rock it. ;)

  7. I love those red converse. And I so want to try red lipstick one day but feel like it would look ridic! Gorgeous on others though.

  8. I hear ya with the red lipstick... I do like it on some people but I just stick with my Burt's Bees chapstick :)

  9. I have little pops of red all over, too. As for the lipstick...I totally agree!

  10. oooh. red is definitely not something i usually choose first.

    but i love that watch.
    and those shoes are adorable! :) fun post!

  11. AWWW I LOVE YOU!! SO love red! That's why above Halloween or Christmas, Valentine's is my favorite Holiday of all. I am so in love with your tennis shoes and your watch. Where did you get them?

  12. So cool! I love the red shoes you got from Kohl's. I will be making a trip to go shopping! Have a great day.

  13. LOVVVVE the red watch! and the shoes! i also love to decorate with reds in my home it's one of my favorite colors! xoxo

  14. Love these red touches! And Love the red watch!! Great inspirational post!

    Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  15. Great post ! I like red details in an outfit and I have bits of red everywhere in my, mugs, even the chandelier in my living room is red :) oh and I love my red Converse shoes ! Nice blog, I'd like us to follow each other if you are interested in my blog too =)

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

  16. I love your little red tennies! (And that you call them tennies! I haven't heard that before!)

    The white headboard in your bedroom is exactly the type I've been looking for!!! I'm a little jealous! :o)

  17. I am the same about red! And I even bought the red lipstick once. It was a no go. I looked ridiculous. But I do love all my red shoes!

  18. love. love. love this post. i too am a fan of a red touch :)

  19. Are ya kidding me? You would ROCK the red lipstick. :0)

    I love those read polka dot shoesies.

  20. you even make red slip on shoes cute in the pictures! way to go :) I love red as well! It's one of the main colors in my room right now.