Saturday, October 15, 2011

Number 9

the way you give the tightest_ bestest hugs ever

the way you fix Gray & Gab's drink before your own
the way you don't want kids to play in your room because you hate a mess
the way you pick out your funky cute little outfits
the way you always want to help out in the kitchen_ washing dishes_ cooking_ you like it all
the way you hate disobeying so you tell on yourself because you can't bear for us to not know
the way you get the giggles uncontrollably and then try and make others start giggling too
the way you break out in your crazy dance moves
the way you kick & fling your arms in your sleep
the way when one of us cry you cry too because you hate to see us hurt
the way you read like a pro
the way you strive to do your very best in school

It's your birthday and I could go on & on with all of the ways we love you.
The intricate details & things that make up who you are kayli.. the things that the Lord knit together while you were still in my belly. 
He knew you before you ever came to be and He gave you to us.
On this day 9 years ago you made your appearance at 3:41pm, weighing in at 8pds 4oz.
We celebrate your life today and always.
These things & many more help to make up who you are but we love you just because... because you are you.
happy birthday!


  1. I wish her the happiest birthday ever!

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet, considerate, out going crazy girl!

  3. How sweet! Happy Birthday! Some of that reminds me of myself as a kid (except the dishes part.) But I did tell on myself because I couldn't handle the guilt....:)

  4. Happy Birthday to your adorably sweet and thoughtful daughter! ;)

  5. She sounds so wonderful... must have an amazing mama :)

  6. aww I love this post Heather. I am glad we were able to spend some time with Kayli on her birthday! We all look forward to getting to know the whole Holden family better.

  7. Can you believe she's your BABY???

  8. What beautiful sentiments for a beautiful little girl!