Monday, October 31, 2011

For the love of my hubs

I've had the sore throat_ congestion- thing going on for the last 2 days and so when the alarm sounded this morning hubs said "just stay in the bed, I'll take care of the kids".
But i did get up and help get them get out the door.
Something in me won't let me just lay there while they do everything on their own.
Plus i have to give hugs, kisses, & i love you's before they go. 
It's pretty chilly here so i grabbed my fav red hoodie and as i slid my hand down in the front pocket i felt this....

I have no idea when hubs put this in my jacket or for how long it's been in there. 
All i know is it stopped me in my tracks. How thoughtful is he.
To know that he was thinking of me and took the time to do this.

Then as i was going over my list of what i needed to get today at the store i saw this....

And an email i received randomly from him last week.

He never ceases to amaze me. 
I'm so thankful for a husband that pursues me with the little things. 
We can't afford to take big vacations together,
Or have scheduled, get away date nights every week.
Even though both of those things would be amazing and we'll eventually get there.
But i know that he loves me and he's thinking of me because of the little things that he does.
And that always makes life more lovely...

Happy Monday & Happy hope you get lots of candy night.;)
Heather :)

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  1. love that pic of you two:) it's good he does those things. :)

  2. Best hubby ever! He deserves an award or something! So cute. I hope you get feeling better :)

  3. This made my heart melt. I love how much your husband adores you!!!

  4. what a blessing to have a husband that demonstrates his love in the little things! you both look so happy.

  5. He have a sweet man on your hands, Heather.

  6. This makes my heart so happy!!! You've got a good husband. We try to do things like this for each other, too, since we are in the same boat as far as dates and vacations go. :o) Whether it's being the giver or the recipient, I spend the rest of the day with a big grin on my face b/c of it!

  7. What a heartwarming and beautiful post!! LOVE seeing/reading about happy married couples!

  8. your hubby is so cute and sweet heather. I love it!

  9. oh man, i'm suffering the congestion sore throat thing right now. no fun.

    i have been living in my warm cozy hoodie all weekend.

    and i think it is swell that your husband goes out of his way (and takes the time...which is sometimes as hot of a commodity of money) to remind you that you are loved.

    amazing :)

  10. that's one heck of a man you got there friend.

    rest up, feel better soon, and have so much fun tonight!


  11. this is a such a wonderful reminder! I think I better run off and hide a few notes myself :)

  12. Heather this was so sweet! Your husband is adorable and you are both so blessed to have one another! God is good!

  13. sweetness! HOLLA for thoughtful men! xo

  14. How sweet- my hubs writes little notes on my To Do List too. It really is the little things that makes the biggest impact.

  15. Visiting your blog makes me happy! You actually remind me of my mom...beautiful inside and out, amazing mother, like there's a peace that surrounds you :)

  16. this is precious!!
    you have an awesome hubby, heather!!
    God is so good!! xoxo