Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The show - out

Yes, this post is about a bird. But not any ole' bird....a HAWK!
Walking by my back door the other day, this is what i saw...

Now we've had birds on our back porch (I wrote about that here) but never a hawk for goodness sake. 
The majestic part is that he was on the back porch and we got to see him up close and personal.
The gross part was that he had picked up some small creature and was eating it_ like tearing it apart.
I spared you those details & pics. :)

I was kinda awe struck as I watched this bird with massive talons that are as sharp as razors...
just sit there on the back ledge.

We watched him finish his meal and then just stand there.
He was very aware of us and I couldn't wait to see his wing span and watch (snap) as he flew.
It's the little things and i know this. 
But i'm trying to be more intentional about the little things that happen in everyday life and seeing that hawk reminded me that 
it's not just another normal day
To see something like this.... but i could miss it.
i could totally miss this show-out in my day if i'm not intentional_ about picking out the little things.
About finding those things that happen throughout my day that are majestic_ a God thing_ that are out of the ordinary.

I saw someone who had come up with a list of "intentional happenings" throughout their day. 
So i came up with a few ....

And then just like that_ he flew....

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  1. Have you read one thousand gifts?

  2. you are brave to get close to that bird! I am so afraid of them, I would have freaked out. And thank you for the pick me ups...I have been such a clutz lately and this morning dropped a brand new Yankee candle (glass) and it didn't break so that's funny it was on the intentional happenings list!

  3. So cool!! I was also thinking of one thousand gifts as you were listing your intentional happenings! So great, thanks for the post Heather :)... we also had a hawk eating a mouse outside my bathroom window one time as a kid in my parents house, pretty crazy how nature works.

  4. i love birds. hawks are incredible!
    your list is beautiful, heather! always good to reflect on the little things that make the day!
    grateful for you, love you! xo

  5. Wow! That is really incredible! How great that you were able to snap some photos, too! Intentionally thinking about the good things of the day is something I need to be better at doing. Thanks for getting me started! First on my list: Cool hawk photos on Heather's blog!

  6. You must live in a beautiful place. Never seen a Hawk up close and personal!

  7. I love it! I love that he was hanging out on your porch and I love that you took the time to capture and appreciate it. I saw a hawk on the sidewalk as we were at a stop light. I stopped and stared at it for such a long time because that is something you just don't see often. This one was also having a "snack."

  8. Wow! Love the pics and the list. Poor momma dropped bottle of orange-ish fingernail polish on her white tile yesterday.... But it broke:(

  9. Thank you sweets for your kind comment! I LOVE your blog and I am so happy to be a new follower.

    These pictures are so awesome - I would LOVE to see a hawk on my back porch. We have a family of owls that live close and spend evenings on our roof sometimes. So neat!

    Tiny tidbit: I went to school with Chelsea from Name Your {Joy}, over on your favorites! What a small world :)

  10. Love this topic and what a perfect assembly of pictures to illustrate! Hawks are so mysterious and don't come around like this often....what a cool moment and I love how you linked it to being intentional in life and realizing that each day has amazing new joys and blessings!