Friday, November 18, 2011

Insta-Gram Friday

So I haven't done an Insta-Gram photo dump in awhile. 
And I don't have much... but I wanted these babies to get some use. Lol
The other day I found these cuteness owls at the Dollar Tree...holla...for a dolla. 
I wanted to get a few maybe to use on my Christmas tree but they only had 3. 
Got them anyway and I'm thinking of some other uses for them.

I seriously haven't won too many things in my life.. or at least I can't remember if I have. 
Now don't feel bad for me, I'm just sayin'. One time though, when I was in 5th grade I had entered 
my name into a drawing at the little store on the corner where I grew up. 
It was for a Coca-Cola 3-wheeler (ATV)_ they had a big display of the drinks and then the 3 wheeler 
sat on top of the display. Well I put my name on a piece of paper and put it in the box not thinking another thing about it. Meantime my Aunt had brought me_ my mom_ and brother to DisneyWorld. 
So we're on vacation at Disney for the first time and we get the call saying I had won the 3-wheeler.... 
I can still remember where my mom was standing talking on the phone when she told me we had won. She was on a pay phone over in Epcot by the restrooms, and she had to put some more coins in 
because we were talking way too long. 
Well ya'll I won this this past week! All this colored twine from the Twinery. 
I have wanted some for so long and these colors are delish.. I could eat them!
With the holidays here and the "happys" that I send out it will surely come in handy.

Do you have a certain hat or beanie you like to wear?
Because here's me sitting at the red light wearing my "dirty hair" hat.
One of my faves. It's a lifesaver on those days when I just don't have the time nor 
energy to wash my hair.. I wear this hat. 
And you still can look half put together but if you saw what was under that hat_ 
it would not be good.

This package from MawMaw came for my kiddos yesterday. 
Just a little "happy" she sent with a card saying she wanted them to know she was thinking about them. And MawMaw had shopped at Aeropostale ... what a blessing to them and their momma. 
The kids were all smiles sporting their cute things. 

I recently listed some new "happys' in my shop.
I now have 2 sizes of "happy fabric flower necklaces"_ a few clips that you can clip to a sweater or a beanie hat or wherever_ some new kid's hair pieces. 
So hop on over and check them out if you get a chance. 

And lastly, guess what? My hubs gets all next week off. You know what that means dont'cha?
That means we get to have some long overdue date days. He said we may go see the Twilight movie or paint our kitchen cabinets and guess what else? Did you know that starting today thru the 20th from 2-5pm at Starbuck's is there buy 1 holiday drink get 1 free..yep, uh huh. 
Peppermint Mocha_ Caramel Brulee Latte_ Gingerbread Latte.. I think I might have to try one a day.
 So next week if I'm a little MIA I may just be sittin' in Starbuck's sippin' a Mocha with my hubby man.
Happy Friday Y'all.

Heather :)


  1. Those socks and necklaces are so cute!! Love instagram!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  2. I have a hat I wear when my hair is dirty and I don't feel like dealing with it...but mine is not as cute as yours!! :) Yay for new necklaces! I adore the one I have! Have a great time this weekend with your hubs!

  3. 1. that owl. love him!
    2. twine. i need it!
    3. love hat days :)
    4. i must go visit your shop now :)

  4. Love that picture of you in the hat! You're too cute!!!

    And good luck painting your kitchen cabinets. We took on that ginormous task ourselves this summer. It was worth it, but while it was going on, I had to wonder if I shouldn't have just left them the way they were! ;o)

  5. Girl, I ain't never seen you when you're not 'put together"...even in your pi's without a trace of makeup at Ms Diannes during the christmas holidays! But I do love your hat! And that Hannah is darn sweet with her giveaways! glad you won such cuteness! woo hoo. On a sad note..we don't have a starbucks within a a one hour drive so I guess I'll be missing out on that deal. Poop.

  6. I will be heading to the dollar tree RIGHT after work to see if they have those owls!! GOSH they are cute!! And congratulations on your big win!! I have seen her site before...I love love love the twine! And the answer to your hat question...yes! I have a few hats (1 baseball, one page boy and 1 fedora) that I keep on hand when I A. am having a bad hair day or B. dont want to put on makeup haah!

  7. I wanna look like that on a bad hair day :0)
    Stephanie, you are so right...she is my fresh friend...always put together...even when she is not tryin!

  8. YAY for the twine!! Its so exciting to win giveaways :) Love the necklaces, and I'm a TOTAL hat wearing mama. Yours is cute!
    I just heard about the Starbucks tid bit..I might just be going to save one for the next day! haha
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Love the necklaces! I agree with Jessica! You look pretty cute on bad hair day!

  10. Oh my gosh, I love that hat on you! And the new items from the shop look amazing!!!!!!!!!!! You are so beautiful, Heather!! Have fun with your hubby! Enjoy "Twilight" (can't wait, myself!) and have lots of Starbucks! :) xoxo

  11. That owl is too cute, I have the same hat{holla}, and stop making so many cute things, I'm running out of money ;)

  12. I love the owl and the flowers! Very cool!